Mc Donalds Mozzerella sticks are without … Mozzerella


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It seems that fast food manufacturing and providing industries seem to be in trouble, as the pictures of new Mozzarella Sticks introduced by the fast food giant Mc Donalds, reveal that the sticks are hollow from inside. Customers all over the world are firing the fast food giant because of this blunder.

It seems that these industry people take customers for fools and hence keep on repeating such follies. First it was the Brand Nestle that came under the scrutiny and fire and now it is MC Donalds. Like one of the customer said in her post it is Mc Dulious.


Pickled Prawns or Prawn’s Pickle!


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I just love prawns! In fact after fish if there is any other seafood that I love are prawns. No oysters, lobsters or even crabs for me. Though at one point I have tried all these, but the love for prawns has not diminished. I love them in whatever they are prepared – prawns curry, roasted or grilled prawns, dry prawns, prawn kathi rolls. However, this time I tasted another version of prawns.

I had gone to Bangalore at my brother’s place and there his cook had cooked some delicious cauliflower paranthas with fresh curd. Foodie that I am, I felt something was missing so I asked my mom is there any pickle and lo and behold there was pickled prawns with slightly pungent taste the pickle tasted awesome! Since I liked it so much that brother asked me to take it home with me! And so I am devouring it! Here are the pictures for all you to see.

Pec(an) your way to a fitter and healthy you!


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img_7240US Pecan Logo (2)All you health conscious folks forget the supplements if you wish to remain fit and fine. If taking supplements reminds you of taking medicines then just read on, as this might be just for you! We all have been at one point or the other nuts about nuts – be it almonds, walnuts or everybody’s favourite groundnuts. However, there is another healthy nut that is slowly and steadily gaining popularity outside its native place and that is Pecan nut.


Richly flavoured pecan nuts!

Pecans are rich flavoured nuts known to American aborigines since centuries ago. They are not only nutritious, but are deliciously buttery in taste packed with numerous important vitamins and minerals required for a good health. Pecans can be described as the best kept secret of the nut family, which has escaped from the bag! Well! Pecans is the richest source of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which essentially means that it may help in reducing the risk of cancer, coronary heart disease and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Pecans when compared with other nuts emerge as a sure short winner in the category of ‘top nut for antioxidant’. (See the chart below).


Talking about its health benefits, National Pecan Shellers Association in America claims that pecans are high in healthy unsaturated fat and if you consume just a handful of them in a day you can reduce your bad cholesterol. Since they are rich in 19 vitamins and minerals including vitamins A,B, and E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, that just one ounce (28.349gms) of pecans provides 10 percent of daily recommended fibre. Oh and if you want to retain your youthfulness then you would definitely like to add pecan in your diet, as the nut is also rich in age-defying antioxidants.iStock_000014023974_Large

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s research, pecans are the richest source of antioxidants and rank among the top 15 food with the highest levels of antioxidants. Well! Considering this information, Karen Borisar in her blog on Pecans said, “I’m thinking a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and pecans may as well be the breakfast version of the fountain of youth!” So then what are you waiting for? Just rush to that special grocery stores near you and buy a packet or two of pecans for a healthy and a fitter you.

iStock_000054117944_XXXLargeOh by the way before you all go, here are some interesting healthy facts about pecan that I think will interest you as well!

  1. Pecans have the highest antioxidant content of any nut.
  2. Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Colic acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, several B Vitamins and Zinc.
  3. Pecans are cholesterol free and naturally sodium free.
  4. Just one ounce (28.34gms) of pecans has more zinc- an important nutrient for proper growth and strong immunity. – than any other good source of zinc.
  5. Pecans can be frozen and refrozen for at least two years without loss of flavor or texture.

For more such interesting facts on Pecan and more information on the nut, just google!

P.S. It is a sponsored post by US Pecans!

Culinary Delites bids goodbye to 2015


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As a food blogger or wait what was the term my brother used for me – food critic – well this sounds even better – Culinary Delites had to write about the year 2015 that was coming to an end. 2015 had been quite a good year for CD in terms of food reviews, lot of food stories, having its own instagram presence in the world of social media. So let me take you down the memory lane and see how the Culinary Delites fared this year and what does it hope to achieve in 2016.

Food Reviews
In 2015 the reviews got bigger and better, as CD was invited to cover newly launched restaurants, newly introduced menu, food festivals that numerous restaurants across the Delhi. Culinary Delites also introduced its new feature travelling for food – where the reviews, snapshots of food were posted on its instagram platform.

Fellow Food Bloggers
2015 was also the year when I met both personally and virtually fellow foodies both in India and abroad. Foodies who were expert in their field and who love food passionately! Some bakers, some tea bloggers and some homemakers who loved cooking and eating out were few of the people Culinary Delites interacted with this year.

Food Stories
Apart from covering restaurants for food reviews, Culinary Delites also decided to venture out and write some of the food stories for the AtoZ blog challenge. Writing about food was real fun and Culinary Delites will be doing it pretty often, as this will be its New Year resolution.

Aspirations for 2016
Culinary Delites this year plans to have its own website hopefully with the name Culinary Delites. And apart from that Culinary Delites will also be doing lots of chef and bakers interviews. Hopefully professionally this year brings lots of peace, harmony and bliss.

Connectiong people over topics they love to talk during the meals


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Public Connection- Image 1


A restaurant is more than just a place to eat food, meet and greet your friends. If you are a keen observer or even if you are not, you must have noticed that whenever you visit a new restaurant you do take in the look and feel of the restaurant on basis of which you and your family decide whether this restaurant is worth a second visit or not. Believe me the food comes second. And if the food you ordered turns out to be well-cooked and served with polite waiting staff then you will definitely visit that restaurant again. Are you wondering why interiors are important in a restaurant or what role do they play in influencing the guests. Well interiors and the entire ambience play on their senses thus seducing them to come again and that’s the reason why most of the restaurateurs put equal efforts in planning the interiors as the food they serve there.

And one such restaurateur is Umang Tewari. His restaurants bear his Public Connection- Image 5trademark in terms of interiors and food. Mood lightings, peppy music, good flow of exotic cocktails and heavenly mocktails, Tewari ensures that his guests have a rollicking time at his restaurant be it any one. And I told hubby N that if it is a Umang Tewari’s restaurant rest assured that the interiors and food are well planned according to the theme of the restaurant. Well yes, that is what his uniqueness is all about. Each restaurant is different from the other yet there is a subtle trademark that says something about the owner.

IMG-20151121-WA0002I have been to Vault Cafe and Garam Dharam so when I got the invite for this newly opened restaurant Cafe Public Connection I was excited. Yes, excited! I was quite intrigued with the name ‘Public Connection’ and when I googled the restaurant, I was quite impressed by the interiors especially the sports lounge interiors. And here I am going to write about my experience at Cafe Public Connection.

Ideally located near the Central Park in Connaught Place, Cafe Public Connection is a place for like-minded people to connect over some drinks, food or even sheesha. J Divided into various sections like political, industrial, Hollywood, sports and even retro themes – Public Connection, as the name suggests, is a restaurant where you can connect with people over food and drinks. With separate dining sections dedicated to each theme the choice of seating is galore and with menu being multi-cuisine so is the choice of food.

Interiors, Décor and Lighting


Prince A admiring the bats at the sports section at the cafe!


Whenever I visit a new restaurant whether on invite or my own I notice the interiors and the décor first, maybe because I used to write about interior designing, anyway, that’s the first thing I notice. Hence that’s exactly what I did here as well. This restaurant talks about networking, connecting and communicating, and the restaurateurs have used their themes in decor as well. How? You may ask!

Well on brick walls, uneven surfaced walls they have installed singular shelves where they have placed old transistors, radios, on the wall there are old telephones in various designs and shapes, then there is a world map made of chips (no not the edible variety, but the computer chips), using steel rods, the owners have created a bridge.


Communication through the era


The bridge made using wires!

The furniture is a mix of bar chairs, stools, casual lounge sofas, and formal chairs depending on the theme of that section. Sports section has a table with snookers and billiards sticks encased within a glass top, a soft cushioned stool with some sports symbol. Bats, balls, basketball net, photos and other memorabilia find their place in this section to create a cosy sports corner for enthusiasts. Similarly, Hollywood section has some memorable moments, captured and framed, along with some celebrities’ posters adorning the walls.

Each section has been segregated with a slight elevation or a step down to create a sense of space that is both free-flowing and restricted at the same time. Soft, small lights fitted along the elevation guide the way. Overall there is a mood lighting that is neither too harsh nor too dim for you to enjoy your food in comfortable surroundings.

The Food and Ambience


Scrumptious paneer tikka

Like I said earlier, the ambience is quite family friendly and the waiting staff members are quite polite and know their menu well. There are ample items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The peppy music was one thing that has stayed with me long after the dining experience was over.

Anyway coming back to food and drinks – we ordered our mocktails – virgin mojito until one of the senior staff members suggested us to try some of their signature cocktails and mocktails. So I left the choice onto them and they served me Public Connection Signature Cocktail – which was quite heavenly. With right blend of pineapple juice and some liquor (sorry I don’t remember the base), Public Connection tasted so good on a pre-winter afternoon – a must try. Another cocktail Green Dragon – a little strong for my taste but another must try if you love your drinks and cocktails.

Since we had gone there for a bloggers meet – there was a separate menu carved for us but I can still vouch that there are ample enough choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the main menu. For starters we ordered paneer tikka and cold mezze platter in vegetarian dishes and Lasooni chicken, fish fingers and chilli chicken in non-vegetarian dishes. Though there was nothing special about the cold mezze platter (served with variety of dips), paneer tikka was cooked to perfection with right blend of spices it was melting in mouth taste was heavenly. Yes, I know that it is quite common dish for vegetarians, but there are plenty more to choose from vegetarians, so don’t worry!

We as a family love our non-vegetarian so the emphasis is usually on non-vegetarian dishes; however, I also keep in mind the fact that since I am reviewing the food I have to taste vegetarian dishes as well else the review won’t be a complete one.


The mouth melting fish fingers

In the main course we had some pasta, vegetable biryani and variety of breads that are served here at the restaurant. Oh yes not to forget the amazing chicken dimsums we had served with variety of chutneys to tease DSC_1357your taste palate. Yes I know that dimsums are pretty common and there should be nothing special to write about them in a review here but that’s the aim of Public Connection – to connect people over food (they love) in an ambience they will enjoy!

Drinks and Sheesha

The cafe customary to its style serves a heady mix of cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, thick shakes and of course liquor. And if you love your sheesha or Hookah, as it is most commonly known then this cafe offers a wide variety of flavours to choose from and enjoy your sheesha oops hookah. Hookah will have you at the word go, as it is designed in a way to resemble a rifle, the flavours are really exotic and leave you craving for more.


Hookah in a rifle shape

All in all it was a great time spent at Public Connection. If you are seeking a place where you can relax and enjoy good food in the company of like-minded people then Public Connection is a must try place for you!

New Food Festival launched at Global Food Factory


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Rustic Interiors with brick walls and wood fire pizza counter. Take a look at the chairs! The entire ambience is of savouring food in fun environment!

West Delhi and especially Rajouri Garden is opening its doors to foodies with new restaurants and new menus in the older ones. But there is one restaurant that stands out in the crowd and that is Global Food Factory. The restaurant opened its doors to the guests last year and time flies when I was invited for their anniversary celebrations with the launch of new food festival of Kashmiri, Burma and Mexican cuisines.

Kashmiri Haryali Kebab

Kashmiri Haryali Kebabs. Broccoli and Mushrooms made for salad accompaniments along with Mint chutney!

Startled are you? I too was when I read the invite. Three different regions, three different cuisines at one place under one roof. But that was the entire idea – to get three different cuisines with completely different tastes on the platter for the guests to savour and enjoy the variety. Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Mehta says, “The idea of bringing three different cuisines together was to give variety of starters to our guests. If we take a single cuisine we can do only as much six starters not more than that. Hence three different cuisines were chosen!”

BBQ Chicken WingsBut why cuisines from Kashmir, Mexican and Burmese? Well to this he says that not only these cuisines are different from each other in preparation they differ in taste as well, so each one of them balances out evenly. Anyway, whatever the reason the idea was great and suits the name of the restaurant – Global Food Factory! The restaurant within one year has become a favourite amongst foodies, as it serves 16 starters, 14 main course items, live wood fire pizzas and a live pasta, salads and desserts counter as part of the buffet and serve’s the city’s largest international buffet.

Well with 16 starters choices are definitely plenty for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and you may choose from three different cuisines as well. So take your pick from BBQ chicken wings, Gulmarg paneer tikka, Burmese vegetable dumplings, Banjara Seekh Kebab. I personally liked the BBQ chicken wings and seekh kebabs in non –vegetarian dishes and mushrooms and cottage cheese preparation along with Burmese vegetable dumplings. Dumplings were really good.


Wood Fired Veg Pizza!

Wood fired pizza is another item on the menu to write about. Freshly tossed with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian thin crust, crispy wood fired pizza is prepared right in front of you and the taste is just heavenly, as the kiddo described it. J The main course included dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh (traditional Kashmiri Mutton dish), Chicken Deewani Handi (again from Kashmir), Oriental Vegetable and Mexican vegetable dishes.

The restaurant as part of its anniversary celebrations also launched Factory Beerfest – unique Beer buffet at affordable prices. Speaking about the ambience, interiors and decor of the restaurant – the interiors are quite rustic with brick walls, casual dining arrangements, wooden staircase and floors created to elevate certain areas of the restaurant. Apparently the idea is to make the guests feel like home in a casual dining settings.

And after all the starters, main course and drinks bring a sweet end to your meal at the desserts counter where again plenty of choices await you. For pure vegetarians who don’t take eggs even in hidden form the choices include chocolate mousse, fruit cream, Mango/strawberry mousse and for those who don’t have any such reservations the choice extends to desserts like Bomb Alaska, Apple Pie, Chocolate Steam Pudding, Black Forest Pastry, Créme Brulee among many others.

So if you are looking for a place where you can have a relaxed meal with your friends and family and if you happen to be near Rajouri Garden then you may drop in at Global Food Factory for an international food experience.

Banjara Seekh

Banjara Seekh Kebabs

Pamphilos — a place to sit back and enjoy your meal at leisure!


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DSC_1159With an almost cancelled review the owner Saurav and the manager Anuj, quite graciously hosted us and despite their immediate commitments ensured that we have a great time. Anyway after finishing all the morning work planned for the day near GK area, we (hubby, son and I) were all ready to gorge on the delicious food, as mentioned in the review invite. And boy, were we happy!

Location and Interiors


the staircase leading to the restaurant

Location wise it is not at all difficult to locate Pamphilos Kitchen and Bar at N Block. Situated on the second floor the staircase leading you to your destination is lined up with small potted plants and interesting graffiti on the wall. And that’s how the interiors are as well. Rustic with brick wall, visible pipes of ACs and graffiti that catch your eyes instantly! Interestingly, every wall has a different graffiti and has been done impromptu by the designers, so no two walls are same and no two views are same. Keeping in mind the quirkiness, fun quotient of the place – no two pieces of furniture are similar, so you will see loads of colour and mix and match of materials and fabrics here at Pamphilos.

Interior Shots - PamphilosWe sat in an interesting corner with a mirrored-pillar on our left side and beautiful charcoal and gold appliqué work graffiti on the wall in front of me. Hubby had a view of another interesting graffiti. The restaurant boasts of some real good outside views as well from both the levels – rooftop and the main where we were sitting. So as we settled down the waiting staff at the restaurant brought us glasses of water, which we all devoured thankfully, as we all were quite thirsty with our morning programme.DSC_1156

Summary: Quite rustic yet contemporary interiors. Wall arts and graffiti are all handmade and different wall, different seating space has different views. The restaurant has been done up in quite a rural style with bricks, wood and brass elements that just adds to the old world charm of the place. The restaurant is also perfect for caffeinated conversations with friends and families, impromptu meetings, brunches and lunches, or just a relaxing cup of coffee.

The Menu Card


Smooth Operator Operates pretty smoothly!

I know, I know! What is there to write about menu cards in a food review? You may say! But I have a habit of everything that I find unique to the place even as mundane as menu cards. Why? Because ultimately menu cards will give us all the necessary details of the food being served in the restaurant – No?!!? And it is the second thing that impresses the customer with its creative levels – the first thing being the interiors and decor of the place. J And that is exactly the reason why so much importance is given to a menu card and created aligned with the theme of the restaurant. Anyway the menu card at Pamphilos says ‘Hello’ – welcoming the visitor to the place where they can relax, have food and just enjoy themselves with some good and healthy food and of course some music to complete the experience.

The menu card for the drinks says ‘Liquid menu’ – for the simple reason that they just don’t serve hard drinks in fact they have everything that you may demand – from fresh juices to heady cocktails to delicious mocktails and milkshakes in various flavours for kids. With the aim to cater to the public that hits the gym regularly, the restaurant serves chilled glasses of fresh fruits to quench their thirst and up their energy levels post the workout. “We have lot of visitors coming for a casual drinks post their workouts hence fresh juices and something light and healthy to snack on is always on our menu. We are also quite soon planning to start the to-go juice counters for those who want to take the juice and have it in the comfort of their homes,” says Saurav.

The Food and ambience

Though I have talked about ambience earlier, I would like to mention that when the ambience is pleasant one loves to gorge on food. And Pamphilos – friends for all – serve some good varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies that everyone enjoys eating here. So after going through the extensive menu we decided to go with Saurav’s choice – whatever he recommends is the best in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian section.


Pamphilos take on traditional spring rolls — much tasty and mouth watering!

So we started with of course some drinks – steel works for me, and Virgin Chi and CAC for the hubby and Chocolate milkshake for the kiddo. They were all mocktails and when Saurav walked in he asked his staff to serve the cocktails by the same name. While waiting for our cocktails Saurav told us that Virgin Chi is an accidental cocktail, which was made by mixing few drinks and flavours together to create the drink. It was only after the person drank it and appreciated the drink, he asked the bartender the name and the bartender said there is no name as he just randomly mixed few drinks and flavours to create it.


The popular Virgin Chi cocktail — a must try!

Another cocktail that Saurav wanted me to try was Smooth Operator, which he said was wine based. Smooth Operator reminded me of the song Smooth Operator, as it works its magic smoothly – the drink is soft on your palate and then hits you when it reaches your throat making you aware that there is definitely more than wine in the drink but whatever it is you are hooked. When I told Saurav that there is something more than wine he agreed but refused to tell what it is, as it was a secret ingredient. J


Hummus platter with beetroot, peri-peri, and pesto hummus! A must try for everyone!

From drinks it was time to order starters, and we ordered Chicken momos, Pamphilos rolls (crisp on outside and soft inside), which were essentially spring rolls but in whole served with cabbage and carrot salad. The restaurant offers variety of choices to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians both and since we wanted to sample everything we ordered veg and non-veg platter.


Deliciously crispy Summer Salad! Try it if you love salads! A perfect dish post your gym work out with a glass of refreshing fresh juice!


Chicken momos

In salads the summer salad was quite good and a must try. Hummus platter is another must try if you love hummus, as they have peri-peri hummus and pesto hummus on their platter.

chic Schnitzel

chelo kebab

Tandoori items which we could not taste as the restaurant starts its tandoori items post 4 pm. chic Schnitzel,Tawa Grilled Chicken Kebab and chelo kebab.

Tawa Grilled Chicken Kebab Unfortunately we couldn’t taste their Tandoori platter, as it is not served before 4 pm in the evening. So if you want to try their tandoori platter, which I was told is the best here then go for dinner. The platter starts from the evening because from morning till lunch time the crowd is all casual diners who are into a quick bites and drinks. They are either having a light lunch of salads and starters.

Anyway dining in at Pamphilos – friends of all in Greek and a lazy person in Spanish – ensures that all its guests are served with good food and music and when they leave they leave with happy memories of the place.

NIICE Cream opens another outlet at DLF Mall!


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Post the roaring success of its first outlet at Hauz Khas Village, the brand NIICE Cream has opened another store at DLF Mall in Saket. The flavours introduced at the first outlet are still here and then there are some experimentations done and created new flavours to match the ambience of the new place.

So apart from your regular NIICE Creams you may expect here bubble teas in different flavours including vanilla (which is on the slightly sweeter side), Coffee (slightly on the bitter side), chocolate (perfect tea with neither too sweet nor too bitter on your tongue, chocolate is a must try for all those who love the flavour. And if you want a bubble tea that is as fresh as you are eating the fruit itself then go for watermelon flavoured bubble tea – a refreshing cool drink to quench not only your thirst but your senses as well.

Apparently the bubble tea has been introduced at their HKV outlet as well. “These teas are pretty light on stomach and high on taste unlike the thick creamy shakes, which makes us full,” says Aakriti Gupta. Revealing the secret of bubbles in bubble teas, Aakriti says that they have used Tapioca Pearls – something like Indian sabudana – so chewy and delicious. It is these pearls that add bubbles to the tea thus making it a bubble tea.

So what are you waiting for just head to NIICE Cream store for some exotic ice cream flavours!

FunFoodsby Dr. Oetkerbrings the Mexican Twins to your home


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cheesydipFunFoods by Dr. Oetker, a leading purveyor of western cuisine in India, adds the mouth watering Cheesy Nacho dip to its current range. Available in a 275gm pack, Cheesy Nacho dip, along with Salsa, the tomato based Mexican dip, will bring the ultimate Nacho eating experience from the cinema halls to your home. Consumers will see their favourite Salsa in an all new avatar, as both have been packaged in a convenient wide mouth jar, for a hassle free dip and eat experience.

With the addition of the Cheesy Nacho dip with a slight Jalapeno flavour, the Mexican twins by FunFoods are here to add cheesiness and tanginess to your Nacho eating experience!

Whether you are watching a movie with family or a cricket match with friends at home, these Mexican twins make sure you don’t go hungry! Bring home the crispy Nachos, dip them in FunFoods Cheesy Dip and Salsa and indulge your palate with the best of Mexican flavours.salsa

Priced at just Rs. 99, the 275gm pack of irresistible Cheesy Nacho dip and 300gm pack of Salsa dip will be available at all retail outlets. So grab the Mexican twins now and make your regular Nachos sumptuous!

About Oetker Group and Dr. OetkerFood Division

Oetker Group is a German conglomerate with six different business divisions namely food, beer and non-alcoholic beverages, sparkling wine, wine and spirits, shipping, banking and other interests. With about 25,000 employees, it is one of Germany’s largest family owned diversified industrial groups with a turnover of Euro 11 Bn. (approx.). The Oetker Group globally consists of more than 400 companies and has substantial interests in the food sector since 1891. Dr. Oetker is the market leader in Frozen Pizza, Home Baking and Muesli categories in Europe and is present in more than 50 countries across the world. The company enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and has always been characterized by the highest standards of quality, taste and guaranteed (baking) outcome. The F&B division accounts for more than 50% of the revenues, with the annual turnover of the Food Division of Euro 2.6 billion as of 2014.

About Dr. Oetker India

Dr. Oetker India, established in 2007, is a leading manufacturer of branded packaged food products with a focus on western food products. Dr. Oetker acquired Delhi based FunFoods Pvt. Ltd in December 2008 which has been present in the country since 1983. FunFoods is the market leader in mayonnaise, Italian sauces, sandwich spreads, salad dressings and peanut butter apart from being present in Chinese sauces, Mexican sauce & dips, milk shake mixes, cakes and dessert toppings. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and Pan India sales network, it currently has 57 products on the retail shelves. In 2015, FunFoods by Dr. Oetker embraced an umbrella branding strategy with Dr. Oetker as the parent brand and FunFoods as sub-brand, thereby complimenting its range of products with new packaging which offer an international style and appetite appeal.

The company also manufactures customised products for some of the biggest names in the food service industry like Yum Restaurants (Pizza Hut, KFC), Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Costa Coffee, Chillies, Krispy Crème, and prominent hotels all over the country.

When Dharamendra inaugurated Garam Dharam….


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It was a normal afternoon routine for the Delhiites at Connaught Place on 9th September, made special by the inauguration of a themed-restaurant Garam Dharam – Dhaba te Theka by Umang Tewari and Mickey Mehta and the presence of the veteran actor Dharmendra himself gracing the occasion. The restaurant is a first of its kind in the capital city and represents the vibrant personality of Dharmendra along with some Bollywood tadka._MG_0232 (1)

The interiors and the decor is rustic just like a dhaba is but with a contemporary twist given to the food and drinks. The music is foot tapping numbers from Dharmendra’s movies and his legendary dialogues and scenes from the movies find their place on upholsteries and walls either in the form of graffiti or posters. One of the decor pieces is the iconic bike from the movie Sholay.IMG_20150910_105702

Talking about the theme and the idea behind the restaurant, Umang Tewari, said, “Fun, quirky, lively, innovative & foodies paradise are just the few words to describe first of its kind Dharam Garam. Bollywood veteran Dharmendra is everybody’s favourite and has been ruling heart since his young days, his movies, his dialogues and his songs are legendary, keeping this in mind I thought to give capital its first restaurant inspired by veteran actor.”image1

So if you are a Bollywood fan and love your food with equal passion then this place is definitely for you. Spread over an area of 4000 square feet, Dharam Garam is one stop place for all those who love good food, good music and quirky interiors. The quirkiness of the place starts right from the entrance where the posters of Dharmendra’s popular movies and renowned dialogues greet the customers. “Adding to the quirkiness quotient is an entire wall dedicated to the graffiti of his dialogues and of course Dream Girl, said Mr Tewari.

He further said that when it comes to food, Delhiites want to have it the best, so the endeavour is to make this place foodies’ heaven. By giving this restaurant a contemporary dhaba look the owners aim to raise the quirkiness and the fun quotient, as the entire ambience is of a Dhaba Te theka but right in the centre of the national capital. The ambience of the place is quite rustic with iron buckets turned upside down and used as lamp shades.image

A true Jat and a simple man at heart, Dharmendra said that he never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would have a restaurant in his name and that too in Central Delhi. He said at the inauguration, “I am humbled by the idea of a themed-restaurant, as over the years I have acquired various tags including ‘Action Man’, ‘He-Man’ and even ‘Garam Dharam’, for which I am thankful to everybody,” Continuing in his jovial, no starry tantrums attitude, Dharamendra said, “I will talk to all of you present here like I would talk to my friend. I will share some memories from my past and you tell me yours.”DSC_0861

With that he proceeded to talk about his first visit to a five-star restaurant. He narrated how he asked for a whiskey from the waiting staff and the staff asked him whether he would like single or double malt. To this Dharamendra replied, “I don’t know about this single or double thing, I just want to have whiskey. So the staff went and got me whiskey in a glass and I couldn’t understand whether it was for drinking or to be poured in your ears, as here I was used to drinking whiskey straight from the bottle and here the staff is getting me a glass half-full of whiskey.”IMG_20150909_125004

Dharamendra’s simplicity again came forth when the same waiting staff brought him a knife and fork to eat the Indian cuisine he had ordered and he said, “I thought to myself, ‘desi khaane ka mazaa jo haath se khane mein aata woh kahan inn chhuri kaante mein milta hai.” (Indian food or any food for that matter is best enjoyed when eaten with your hands rather than eating with a knife and a fork).

He kept all of us entertained with his iconic stories from the past and expressed his gratitude for all the love audiences have ever shown him and is still showering on him. And invited all of us to Garam Dharam—Dhaba te theka for some casual dining with friends and family. Thus passing on the mike again to the owners who told us about the future plans of the restaurant oops dhaba! J

Mickey Mehta told the media about the unique Dhaba Dabbas, which the dhaba would soon be starting and they (the owners) are sure that it will be an instant hit, as there are several commercial buildings where such services are always needed. Another unique feature of the dhaba will be the take-away or To-go counters. Talking about drinks, the owners said in unison that the dhaba has ‘some quite interesting mocktails and desi drinks,’ which again will be loved by one and all.

Thus Garam Dharam is for all those people who just want the best at best prices! With the hope that they get loads of acceptance from the city crowd who love their food, the owners said, “We are sure we will get lot of acceptance for Dharam Garam, as there is no compromise on anything and thus ensuring to give our customers one of the best experiences that they will cherish. This is place suitable for all age groups. It is a warm, cozy, comfortable Dhaba Te Theka style restaurant where each meal is a treasured time to relax and share a bounty of wonderful food with family and friends.”

As a parting shot, Mr Mehta added that they are on the mission to numerous theme and concept based restaurants in Delhi and many of them within this year.

So what are you guys waiting for just head to Garam Dharam Dhaba te Theka for some good food, drinks, fun and entertainment.

So happy wolfing everyone!

Basic Information:

Address & contact number: M-16, Connaught place, New Delhi, 9599084039, 9599084040, 011-23411928