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Exterior - Arriba - Mexican Grill & TequileriaTucked away in the maze of other restaurants in Asaid Village, Arriba with its unique interiors is a perfect dine in destination if you want to savour authentic Mexican cuisine and sip on the authentic drinks. The restaurant because of its open roof structure opens its doors to the patrons at around 7 pm. But personally I feel that is just one of the reasons for the restaurant to open its doors in the night. The other reason being the design of the restaurant, the careful and discreet play of lights adding to the character of the restaurant will not be visible in the broad daylight.Exterior-  @ Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria (1)

Though the design and the interiors are such, one would also enjoy the sunny winter mornings! Coming back to the night Culinary Delites was invited for the review – it was a pleasant night with gentle breeze and the chef apprising us of the menu and drinks.

We started with some traditional drinks – Pineapple ginger jalapeno Margarita, watermelon drink for hubby and a traditional Mexican drink for Prince A. Pineapple ginger jalapeno Margarita – the classic margarita from their house of drinks – and is a must for everyone who love their drinks. Moving on to the starters we were offered Tortas. We were served three varieties of Tortas – pork & pineapple, chicken, and vegetable. Though I am biased towards non-vegetarian and that too pork, vegetarian tortas are also good. As we were savouring our food, the chef informed that Mexicans are quite experimental with their food and hence the result is varieties of dishes that are so unique to this region.Chile Lime Mango Margarita @ Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria

The restaurant Arriba – The Mexican Grill and Tequileria, boasts of creating everything fresh and from the ingredients especially imported from the region. Hence the menu comprises of fresh and high quality ingredients cooked in an authentic Mexican style. The menu is a delectable mix of authentic Tex Mex favourites complemented with some mouth watering Mexican desserts.Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos @ Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria

Sizzling Pazita Chicken and Totas were other dishes we savoured that day. The best thing about these dishes was how the chicken melted in our mouths and released a spurt of flavours apparently unique to Mexican region. Incidentally, Arriba is  India’s first Tequileria and the innovative chefs have wisely used Tequila in the dishes to infuse that extra punch. Though you will not be able to detect it, the taste is definitely taken up to high level. With all the tortas we were served there were varieties of salsa sauce accompanying the dishes! The chef informed us that there is an exclusive Salsa and Guacamole bar that boasts of eight dazzling types of Salsa and the Guacamole is prepared fresh right on the table.Fresh Guacamole  @ Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria

Moving over to the drinks menu, Arriba is essentially a celebration of all things that spell TEQUILA! Oh yes, their entire menu boasts of it. Tequila is extracted from the special plant called Blue Agave that is unique to the region around Tequila, the spirit is clear, fragrant and absolutely delicious – I have always been a fan of vodka and for the first time I tried this I have added on to my favourites list. While talking about the drinks the chef informed us that even the bar menu is specially curated with the thought that Tequila is a drink that can be enjoyed on the rocks, or blended with fruit and ice into margaritas, or even enjoyed as shots with salt and lime wedges – yes the way they show it in the movies. Am I luring to the restaurant to try the menu and the drinks.

If yes, then wait till I tell you all about the Mexican desserts. Desserts that rake havoc with your senses – tantalise your taste buds and make you yearn for more. We ended our meal with Mexican’s signature dessert Churros – cinnamon sticks served with spicy chocolate sauce and dark chocolate sauce. Now if you are a chocolate lover like me you will definitely love to taste the spicy chocolate sauce because spices and chocolate generally don’t mix together. However, here that is precisely what has happened and the result is stupendous.

So what are you waiting for – just get up and get your table booked to enjoy an authentic Mexican treat!