Today, I start the A-Z Challenge – April 2016. One 30-day month, minus Sundays. 26 Alphabets. A word for a cuisine or a dish and a dessert alternatively! April 2016 will be dealing with almost all desserts and cuisines that you may have tasted from all over the world. Ranging from Ambot Tik to Nogul; so sit back and enjoy this delicious journey of Culinary Delites. In addition a special thanks to Arlee Bird for bringing this to us. I’m so looking forward to this month of April.

So A is for Ambot Tik! Hmmm so what is Ambot Tik?


Ambot means sour and tik is spicy in Portuguese. So Ambot Tik is a Goan dish, which has a Portugal influence to it. Ambot Tik essentially is made with fish. And it is believed that two popular types of Ambot Tik are Shark Ambot Tik and Prawn Ambot Tik.


Ambot Tik is prepared in usual way any other curry is prepared with a slight Goan twist.

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