Smart exteriors!

There are pubs and beer shops, and breweries and then there are restro-bars. But there is only one Kitchen and brewery and that is Lago Kitchen and Brewery on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Cited as the launch of the month, Lagom Kitchen and Breweries with its classy ambience, mouth-watering delicacies, and world class service touched the hearts of its customers.

It so happens, at the launch parties, the waiting staff at times gets lost whom to serve and when to serve, as there are so many guests to be served. The end result is that there is nothing much to write on the food front at the launch parties. However, it was not the case with the launch of Lagom Kitchen and Brewery. It was like one dream party where scrumptious delicacies like smoked chilli chicken, chicken chilli garlic, curry leaf fish in non-vegetarian items and hare mirch paneer tikka, khumbawe ki seekh, archini balls with dip were passed around at a regular basis. The waiting staffs was also passing around chicken tikka pizza and Mexican Vegetable Pizza. As for the drinks – there were beers – samplers and pitchers and there were cocktails – my favourite Vodka based cocktails.


The three flavours of beer!

However, the long and short of it was that this place will definitely see me coming back for more. And here is what you should look out for here

  1. Ambience

A doesn’t want to get clicked!

Yes, it is a brewery along with a restaurant and it is here the similarity ends. The owners have created this property as a place where families can come and relax have their food and enjoy their drinks while kids can gorge onto their favourite food. From the moment you enter you get a feeling of spaciousness that is cosy at the same time. There are high bar chairs and tables and there are comfortable chairs and sofas for a relaxed meal at the restaurant. The owners have emphasised on mood lighting thus creating a dramatic effect in the restaurant.


From the album of Lagom Kitchen + Brewery

  1. Food and Drinks

Food is authentically global, and when they say authentic they mean authentic – no tampering with the taste to suit the Indian palate is what the restaurant owner Mr Debjeet Banerjee told Culinary Delites. So if you have ordered Thai curry you will get the authentic Thai curry and if you have ordered pizza you will get the original thin crust pizza. Since it was a launch party the starters were being passed around and we tried almost everything once at least and repeated smoked chilli chicken, chicken chilli garlic and curry leaf fish. Personally I loved the chicken chilli garlic, as it had my three favourite ingredients.


N gets clicked by the Lagom photographer!

That apart, there was proper lunch for us to relish with the drinks! I love my vodka based cocktails and of course the brew – in variations of simply wheat, fantastic lager and dark knight. Each of them had a distinctive taste. And talking about the different varieties Ishan Grover, said, “Simply Wheat is a unique combination of fresh orange and German wheat gives this beer a unique citrus flavour. This is a truly refreshing beer with high notes of coriander for a smooth finish and is served with an orange garnish.”sex on the each

Another beer is fantastic lager, and talking about this one, he informed Culinary Delites that fantastic lager is a light bodied lager with high notes of malt brewed, which has been brewed according to the German purity law. The beer with its unique malt flavour will leave your taste buds tickled for a long time. Talking about Dark Knight, Ishan said that as the name suggests, this beer is dark in colour and is mixed with special German chocolate malt. It is a heavy bodied beer and leaves a taste of roasted malt on your tongue.

  1. Concept and Aim

Talking about concept and aim of the restaurant, Debjeet Banerjee, said, “We (my partner and I) wanted to design a place where even families could come and enjoy their drinks and food without getting worried about the ambience and all the other things. We want our customers to feel completely at ease from the moment they step in and enjoy their meal till the time they leave our premises. We have valet parking for our customers, thus relieving them of the parking hassles. We give them the ambience in which they can enjoy with th


The Men — Ishan and Debjeet

eir families.” He further said that they were not interested to open up in the places where there are parking hassles or where there is not much space to relax and enjoy the meals with drinks.

Lagom Kitchen and Brewery has succeeded in creating the ambience that will not only invite corporate from the nearby offices but will also invite families, as that is how they plan to advertise their restaurant. “We want more and more families to grace us, especially on weekends,” said Debjeet in a parting shot.

So if you happen to be in Gurgaon, or even if you are not and are looking for a place to dine with your family and still enjoy your drinks then you must head to Lagom Kitchen and Brewery.

Basic Information

Restaurant Address: P 04-05, Ground Floor, JMD Megapolis Mall, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana

Meal for two without drinks: Rs 1200-Rs 1400/-