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I just love prawns! In fact after fish if there is any other seafood that I love are prawns. No oysters, lobsters or even crabs for me. Though at one point I have tried all these, but the love for prawns has not diminished. I love them in whatever they are prepared – prawns curry, roasted or grilled prawns, dry prawns, prawn kathi rolls. However, this time I tasted another version of prawns.

I had gone to Bangalore at my brother’s place and there his cook had cooked some delicious cauliflower paranthas with fresh curd. Foodie that I am, I felt something was missing so I asked my mom is there any pickle and lo and behold there was pickled prawns with slightly pungent taste the pickle tasted awesome! Since I liked it so much that brother asked me to take it home with me! And so I am devouring it! Here are the pictures for all you to see.