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As a food blogger or wait what was the term my brother used for me – food critic – well this sounds even better – Culinary Delites had to write about the year 2015 that was coming to an end. 2015 had been quite a good year for CD in terms of food reviews, lot of food stories, having its own instagram presence in the world of social media. So let me take you down the memory lane and see how the Culinary Delites fared this year and what does it hope to achieve in 2016.

Food Reviews
In 2015 the reviews got bigger and better, as CD was invited to cover newly launched restaurants, newly introduced menu, food festivals that numerous restaurants across the Delhi. Culinary Delites also introduced its new feature travelling for food – where the reviews, snapshots of food were posted on its instagram platform.

Fellow Food Bloggers
2015 was also the year when I met both personally and virtually fellow foodies both in India and abroad. Foodies who were expert in their field and who love food passionately! Some bakers, some tea bloggers and some homemakers who loved cooking and eating out were few of the people Culinary Delites interacted with this year.

Food Stories
Apart from covering restaurants for food reviews, Culinary Delites also decided to venture out and write some of the food stories for the AtoZ blog challenge. Writing about food was real fun and Culinary Delites will be doing it pretty often, as this will be its New Year resolution.

Aspirations for 2016
Culinary Delites this year plans to have its own website hopefully with the name Culinary Delites. And apart from that Culinary Delites will also be doing lots of chef and bakers interviews. Hopefully professionally this year brings lots of peace, harmony and bliss.