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A restaurant is more than just a place to eat food, meet and greet your friends. If you are a keen observer or even if you are not, you must have noticed that whenever you visit a new restaurant you do take in the look and feel of the restaurant on basis of which you and your family decide whether this restaurant is worth a second visit or not. Believe me the food comes second. And if the food you ordered turns out to be well-cooked and served with polite waiting staff then you will definitely visit that restaurant again. Are you wondering why interiors are important in a restaurant or what role do they play in influencing the guests. Well interiors and the entire ambience play on their senses thus seducing them to come again and that’s the reason why most of the restaurateurs put equal efforts in planning the interiors as the food they serve there.

And one such restaurateur is Umang Tewari. His restaurants bear his Public Connection- Image 5trademark in terms of interiors and food. Mood lightings, peppy music, good flow of exotic cocktails and heavenly mocktails, Tewari ensures that his guests have a rollicking time at his restaurant be it any one. And I told hubby N that if it is a Umang Tewari’s restaurant rest assured that the interiors and food are well planned according to the theme of the restaurant. Well yes, that is what his uniqueness is all about. Each restaurant is different from the other yet there is a subtle trademark that says something about the owner.

IMG-20151121-WA0002I have been to Vault Cafe and Garam Dharam so when I got the invite for this newly opened restaurant Cafe Public Connection I was excited. Yes, excited! I was quite intrigued with the name ‘Public Connection’ and when I googled the restaurant, I was quite impressed by the interiors especially the sports lounge interiors. And here I am going to write about my experience at Cafe Public Connection.

Ideally located near the Central Park in Connaught Place, Cafe Public Connection is a place for like-minded people to connect over some drinks, food or even sheesha. J Divided into various sections like political, industrial, Hollywood, sports and even retro themes – Public Connection, as the name suggests, is a restaurant where you can connect with people over food and drinks. With separate dining sections dedicated to each theme the choice of seating is galore and with menu being multi-cuisine so is the choice of food.

Interiors, Décor and Lighting


Prince A admiring the bats at the sports section at the cafe!


Whenever I visit a new restaurant whether on invite or my own I notice the interiors and the décor first, maybe because I used to write about interior designing, anyway, that’s the first thing I notice. Hence that’s exactly what I did here as well. This restaurant talks about networking, connecting and communicating, and the restaurateurs have used their themes in decor as well. How? You may ask!

Well on brick walls, uneven surfaced walls they have installed singular shelves where they have placed old transistors, radios, on the wall there are old telephones in various designs and shapes, then there is a world map made of chips (no not the edible variety, but the computer chips), using steel rods, the owners have created a bridge.


Communication through the era


The bridge made using wires!

The furniture is a mix of bar chairs, stools, casual lounge sofas, and formal chairs depending on the theme of that section. Sports section has a table with snookers and billiards sticks encased within a glass top, a soft cushioned stool with some sports symbol. Bats, balls, basketball net, photos and other memorabilia find their place in this section to create a cosy sports corner for enthusiasts. Similarly, Hollywood section has some memorable moments, captured and framed, along with some celebrities’ posters adorning the walls.

Each section has been segregated with a slight elevation or a step down to create a sense of space that is both free-flowing and restricted at the same time. Soft, small lights fitted along the elevation guide the way. Overall there is a mood lighting that is neither too harsh nor too dim for you to enjoy your food in comfortable surroundings.

The Food and Ambience


Scrumptious paneer tikka

Like I said earlier, the ambience is quite family friendly and the waiting staff members are quite polite and know their menu well. There are ample items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The peppy music was one thing that has stayed with me long after the dining experience was over.

Anyway coming back to food and drinks – we ordered our mocktails – virgin mojito until one of the senior staff members suggested us to try some of their signature cocktails and mocktails. So I left the choice onto them and they served me Public Connection Signature Cocktail – which was quite heavenly. With right blend of pineapple juice and some liquor (sorry I don’t remember the base), Public Connection tasted so good on a pre-winter afternoon – a must try. Another cocktail Green Dragon – a little strong for my taste but another must try if you love your drinks and cocktails.

Since we had gone there for a bloggers meet – there was a separate menu carved for us but I can still vouch that there are ample enough choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the main menu. For starters we ordered paneer tikka and cold mezze platter in vegetarian dishes and Lasooni chicken, fish fingers and chilli chicken in non-vegetarian dishes. Though there was nothing special about the cold mezze platter (served with variety of dips), paneer tikka was cooked to perfection with right blend of spices it was melting in mouth taste was heavenly. Yes, I know that it is quite common dish for vegetarians, but there are plenty more to choose from vegetarians, so don’t worry!

We as a family love our non-vegetarian so the emphasis is usually on non-vegetarian dishes; however, I also keep in mind the fact that since I am reviewing the food I have to taste vegetarian dishes as well else the review won’t be a complete one.


The mouth melting fish fingers

In the main course we had some pasta, vegetable biryani and variety of breads that are served here at the restaurant. Oh yes not to forget the amazing chicken dimsums we had served with variety of chutneys to tease DSC_1357your taste palate. Yes I know that dimsums are pretty common and there should be nothing special to write about them in a review here but that’s the aim of Public Connection – to connect people over food (they love) in an ambience they will enjoy!

Drinks and Sheesha

The cafe customary to its style serves a heady mix of cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, thick shakes and of course liquor. And if you love your sheesha or Hookah, as it is most commonly known then this cafe offers a wide variety of flavours to choose from and enjoy your sheesha oops hookah. Hookah will have you at the word go, as it is designed in a way to resemble a rifle, the flavours are really exotic and leave you craving for more.


Hookah in a rifle shape

All in all it was a great time spent at Public Connection. If you are seeking a place where you can relax and enjoy good food in the company of like-minded people then Public Connection is a must try place for you!