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Rustic Interiors with brick walls and wood fire pizza counter. Take a look at the chairs! The entire ambience is of savouring food in fun environment!

West Delhi and especially Rajouri Garden is opening its doors to foodies with new restaurants and new menus in the older ones. But there is one restaurant that stands out in the crowd and that is Global Food Factory. The restaurant opened its doors to the guests last year and time flies when I was invited for their anniversary celebrations with the launch of new food festival of Kashmiri, Burma and Mexican cuisines.

Kashmiri Haryali Kebab

Kashmiri Haryali Kebabs. Broccoli and Mushrooms made for salad accompaniments along with Mint chutney!

Startled are you? I too was when I read the invite. Three different regions, three different cuisines at one place under one roof. But that was the entire idea – to get three different cuisines with completely different tastes on the platter for the guests to savour and enjoy the variety. Speaking on the occasion, Gaurav Mehta says, “The idea of bringing three different cuisines together was to give variety of starters to our guests. If we take a single cuisine we can do only as much six starters not more than that. Hence three different cuisines were chosen!”

BBQ Chicken WingsBut why cuisines from Kashmir, Mexican and Burmese? Well to this he says that not only these cuisines are different from each other in preparation they differ in taste as well, so each one of them balances out evenly. Anyway, whatever the reason the idea was great and suits the name of the restaurant – Global Food Factory! The restaurant within one year has become a favourite amongst foodies, as it serves 16 starters, 14 main course items, live wood fire pizzas and a live pasta, salads and desserts counter as part of the buffet and serve’s the city’s largest international buffet.

Well with 16 starters choices are definitely plenty for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and you may choose from three different cuisines as well. So take your pick from BBQ chicken wings, Gulmarg paneer tikka, Burmese vegetable dumplings, Banjara Seekh Kebab. I personally liked the BBQ chicken wings and seekh kebabs in non –vegetarian dishes and mushrooms and cottage cheese preparation along with Burmese vegetable dumplings. Dumplings were really good.


Wood Fired Veg Pizza!

Wood fired pizza is another item on the menu to write about. Freshly tossed with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian thin crust, crispy wood fired pizza is prepared right in front of you and the taste is just heavenly, as the kiddo described it. J The main course included dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh (traditional Kashmiri Mutton dish), Chicken Deewani Handi (again from Kashmir), Oriental Vegetable and Mexican vegetable dishes.

The restaurant as part of its anniversary celebrations also launched Factory Beerfest – unique Beer buffet at affordable prices. Speaking about the ambience, interiors and decor of the restaurant – the interiors are quite rustic with brick walls, casual dining arrangements, wooden staircase and floors created to elevate certain areas of the restaurant. Apparently the idea is to make the guests feel like home in a casual dining settings.

And after all the starters, main course and drinks bring a sweet end to your meal at the desserts counter where again plenty of choices await you. For pure vegetarians who don’t take eggs even in hidden form the choices include chocolate mousse, fruit cream, Mango/strawberry mousse and for those who don’t have any such reservations the choice extends to desserts like Bomb Alaska, Apple Pie, Chocolate Steam Pudding, Black Forest Pastry, Créme Brulee among many others.

So if you are looking for a place where you can have a relaxed meal with your friends and family and if you happen to be near Rajouri Garden then you may drop in at Global Food Factory for an international food experience.

Banjara Seekh

Banjara Seekh Kebabs