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DSC_1159With an almost cancelled review the owner Saurav and the manager Anuj, quite graciously hosted us and despite their immediate commitments ensured that we have a great time. Anyway after finishing all the morning work planned for the day near GK area, we (hubby, son and I) were all ready to gorge on the delicious food, as mentioned in the review invite. And boy, were we happy!

Location and Interiors


the staircase leading to the restaurant

Location wise it is not at all difficult to locate Pamphilos Kitchen and Bar at N Block. Situated on the second floor the staircase leading you to your destination is lined up with small potted plants and interesting graffiti on the wall. And that’s how the interiors are as well. Rustic with brick wall, visible pipes of ACs and graffiti that catch your eyes instantly! Interestingly, every wall has a different graffiti and has been done impromptu by the designers, so no two walls are same and no two views are same. Keeping in mind the quirkiness, fun quotient of the place – no two pieces of furniture are similar, so you will see loads of colour and mix and match of materials and fabrics here at Pamphilos.

Interior Shots - PamphilosWe sat in an interesting corner with a mirrored-pillar on our left side and beautiful charcoal and gold appliqué work graffiti on the wall in front of me. Hubby had a view of another interesting graffiti. The restaurant boasts of some real good outside views as well from both the levels – rooftop and the main where we were sitting. So as we settled down the waiting staff at the restaurant brought us glasses of water, which we all devoured thankfully, as we all were quite thirsty with our morning programme.DSC_1156

Summary: Quite rustic yet contemporary interiors. Wall arts and graffiti are all handmade and different wall, different seating space has different views. The restaurant has been done up in quite a rural style with bricks, wood and brass elements that just adds to the old world charm of the place. The restaurant is also perfect for caffeinated conversations with friends and families, impromptu meetings, brunches and lunches, or just a relaxing cup of coffee.

The Menu Card


Smooth Operator Operates pretty smoothly!

I know, I know! What is there to write about menu cards in a food review? You may say! But I have a habit of everything that I find unique to the place even as mundane as menu cards. Why? Because ultimately menu cards will give us all the necessary details of the food being served in the restaurant – No?!!? And it is the second thing that impresses the customer with its creative levels – the first thing being the interiors and decor of the place. J And that is exactly the reason why so much importance is given to a menu card and created aligned with the theme of the restaurant. Anyway the menu card at Pamphilos says ‘Hello’ – welcoming the visitor to the place where they can relax, have food and just enjoy themselves with some good and healthy food and of course some music to complete the experience.

The menu card for the drinks says ‘Liquid menu’ – for the simple reason that they just don’t serve hard drinks in fact they have everything that you may demand – from fresh juices to heady cocktails to delicious mocktails and milkshakes in various flavours for kids. With the aim to cater to the public that hits the gym regularly, the restaurant serves chilled glasses of fresh fruits to quench their thirst and up their energy levels post the workout. “We have lot of visitors coming for a casual drinks post their workouts hence fresh juices and something light and healthy to snack on is always on our menu. We are also quite soon planning to start the to-go juice counters for those who want to take the juice and have it in the comfort of their homes,” says Saurav.

The Food and ambience

Though I have talked about ambience earlier, I would like to mention that when the ambience is pleasant one loves to gorge on food. And Pamphilos – friends for all – serve some good varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies that everyone enjoys eating here. So after going through the extensive menu we decided to go with Saurav’s choice – whatever he recommends is the best in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian section.


Pamphilos take on traditional spring rolls — much tasty and mouth watering!

So we started with of course some drinks – steel works for me, and Virgin Chi and CAC for the hubby and Chocolate milkshake for the kiddo. They were all mocktails and when Saurav walked in he asked his staff to serve the cocktails by the same name. While waiting for our cocktails Saurav told us that Virgin Chi is an accidental cocktail, which was made by mixing few drinks and flavours together to create the drink. It was only after the person drank it and appreciated the drink, he asked the bartender the name and the bartender said there is no name as he just randomly mixed few drinks and flavours to create it.


The popular Virgin Chi cocktail — a must try!

Another cocktail that Saurav wanted me to try was Smooth Operator, which he said was wine based. Smooth Operator reminded me of the song Smooth Operator, as it works its magic smoothly – the drink is soft on your palate and then hits you when it reaches your throat making you aware that there is definitely more than wine in the drink but whatever it is you are hooked. When I told Saurav that there is something more than wine he agreed but refused to tell what it is, as it was a secret ingredient. J


Hummus platter with beetroot, peri-peri, and pesto hummus! A must try for everyone!

From drinks it was time to order starters, and we ordered Chicken momos, Pamphilos rolls (crisp on outside and soft inside), which were essentially spring rolls but in whole served with cabbage and carrot salad. The restaurant offers variety of choices to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians both and since we wanted to sample everything we ordered veg and non-veg platter.


Deliciously crispy Summer Salad! Try it if you love salads! A perfect dish post your gym work out with a glass of refreshing fresh juice!


Chicken momos

In salads the summer salad was quite good and a must try. Hummus platter is another must try if you love hummus, as they have peri-peri hummus and pesto hummus on their platter.

chic Schnitzel

chelo kebab

Tandoori items which we could not taste as the restaurant starts its tandoori items post 4 pm. chic Schnitzel,Tawa Grilled Chicken Kebab and chelo kebab.

Tawa Grilled Chicken Kebab Unfortunately we couldn’t taste their Tandoori platter, as it is not served before 4 pm in the evening. So if you want to try their tandoori platter, which I was told is the best here then go for dinner. The platter starts from the evening because from morning till lunch time the crowd is all casual diners who are into a quick bites and drinks. They are either having a light lunch of salads and starters.

Anyway dining in at Pamphilos – friends of all in Greek and a lazy person in Spanish – ensures that all its guests are served with good food and music and when they leave they leave with happy memories of the place.