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Recently Puratos – a leading food ingredient company had conducted a large-scale annual global research Puratos Taste Tomorrow 2015 on consumer trends in baked goods industry. And to present the results of the survey Puratos had held a workshop cum conference where not only leading chefs from the food industry but also bakery industry experts presented their results.

The event started with Chef Manjeet Gill talking about the importance of taste in food. He talked about how taste plays a vital role in overall wellbeing of the body. “If the food is not tasty our body will not react to it, and when will food become tasty when we cook it with love and happiness. When cooking happens from heart, the food automatically tastes good.” Also he added that while cooking everyone should ensure that there is no negative feeling in their hearts and then get into the kitchen for cooking. “Negative energy won’t make your food tasty no matter how much spices you may add to make it tasty or look good. So cut out the negative vibes and think about some good things – fresh flowers, good memories anything that motivates you into a good and positive mood,” Chef Gill added.

Chef Gill also talked about five important tastes in the food industry and they are

  1. Sweet,
  2. Sour
  3. Salty
  4. Pungent
  5. Bitter
  6. Astringent

Going Desserts by Puratos Indiain details about each taste he said that ‘Sweet’ is the first and the natural taste. It is an energiser and quite an important taste. Then comes Sour – another important taste in the food industry and third is ‘Salty’ is another important taste. And minus of salt from the food makes the food tasteless.

By this time we were all wondering where is the most common taste that we all use for food that is hot and full of chillies – Spicy. He deflated our bubble when he said that there is no taste as spicy. “And we say spicy food all we mean is food cooked with spices. Hence the fourth taste is Pungent,” he explained. Pungency is an important taste as it aggravates digestive juices in the stomach thus aiding easy digestion.Flower Bruffin by Puratos

The fifth taste is ‘Bitter’ another important taste in the food industry. Chef Gill reminded us that Bitter has a cooling effect on our body and that is the reason why most of the summer vegetables are bitter in taste.

The last taste was a bit surprise for all of us, as we all know astringent as a cleaning lotion but here the Chef Gill talked about it as a taste in the food. And then he surprised us further by saying that edible camphor imparts this taste to the food. After identifying the major tastes in the industry he said that food types are identified by taste and hence it is important for anyone and everyone to know about these tastes first and then do the cooking.

All in all it was an interesting and informative session with Chef Manjeet Gill, and other industry experts.

Chef presenting dish at Taste Tomorrow survey 2015 by Puratos