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Gosht Shikampuri Kebabs!

On a beautiful Sunday morning in September, we (hubby, Prince A and I) finished our respective jobs and got ready to gorge on Hyderabadi cuisine. I am a big fan of Chicken 65 and was looking forward to tasting it. So we all went listening to songs and singing along as well.


Prince A enjoys his chicken hot and sour soup!

All this while wondering about Delhi/NCR’s fascination with Nizami cuisine, which apparently is quite clear with numerous restaurants dedicated to Hyderabadi cuisine more so in Gurgaon – a foodies hub. However, Biryani Art though serving authentic Hyderabadi cuisine is way different from other restaurants serving the same fare. Why? You may ask? What is so special about Biryani Art? Read on to know why Biryani Art is different from other restaurants serving Hyderabadi cuisine in Delhi-NCR.


Father -son duo enjoying their hot and sour soup!

The restaurant was quite particular about not becoming one of the restaurants in the region serving Hyderabadi cuisine – hence every detail was taken into account. Right from the interiors to the food! The restaurant serves authentic Nizami cuisine along with a little addition of soups on their menu. As for the decor, the restaurant is pretty nondescript from outside the interiors wow you with its chic factor. Glossy wooden flooring, simple yet elegant furniture and posters with quotes and slogans on Biryani the decor has been kept completely simple with the emphasis on food being served. The restaurant is on ground floor with the upper floor dedicated to the kitchen whence we get all the delicious delicacies. J


The Dum Biryani

We all love Hyderabadi cuisine, especially their traditional biryanis that are cooked over a slow flame along with numerous spices so that all the flavours are retained yet get blended with the rice giving it not only exotic aroma but also a distinctive taste and their unique way of cooking chicken and mutton. And then Prince A was all excited about munching on his favourite Roomali Roti.

As usual the hubby knew the way, so it was a smooth ride from Dwarka to Gurgaon and we reached there in an hour’s time. We took just five minutes to find our restaurant and then we also found a basement parking facility. The area is a foodies’ heaven, as there are numerous restaurants and eateries there (more about this in different blog post, as this is dedicated to Biryani Art), so it was not difficult to locate Biryani Art. Once inside we met the restaurant manager who was to be our host for the lunch as IMG_4048well, as the owner  was not in the town that day.


The chicken Hot and Sour soup!


chicken 65

Like always we started talking with the manager about the restaurant – its theme, ideology and the food being prepared and served. And on his suggestion we ordered hot and sour chicken soup and initiated our meal. The soup was divided one into three parts, as we wanted to just sample it. But trust me it was one of the best hot and sour chicken soups. Generally we avoid ordering soups during our reviews, however if there is a hot and sour chicken soup then we split it into either two or three parts. Anyway the soup was cooked to perfection with little hot and little sour taste along with chunks of chicken and stir-fried veggies adding to the flavour.


Paneer 65

From soup we moved on to the starters including my favourite chicken 65, paneer 65 and ghosht shikampuri kebab. Each of them had a unique taste, and though I had tasted chicken 65 earlier, this was cooked to perfection with chicken melting in mouth and juicy enough. With neither too spicy nor too bland the kiddo too loved the chicken so much so that we repeated the order just for him. Next on the starters list was ghosht shikampuri kebabs – mutton tikkis served with onion rings and mint and some grated salad of carrots and radish. Crispy from outside and soft from inside ghosht shikampuri kebabs are a must try for the non-vegetarians. Paneer 65 is an interesting version of chicken 65. And the chunks of paneer pieces are cooked to perfection so that they are neither too hard nor too chewy, just cooked enough to retain its freshness and yet remain soft and tender.IMG-20150906-WA0005

While ordering for starters the manager told us that amongst the non-vegetarian items chicken 65 and Apolo fish are the preferred items. So I told him we are ordering chicken 65 but we would love to try what you recommend as well and that’s how he asked us to try ghosht shikampuri kebab and believe me they are the best mutton kebabs I have had in a long time. And in the vegetarian section he told us that people preferred Aloo 65 but I wanted to try paneer 65 and boy did I regret my choice. Like I said earlier paneer cooked to perfection. Try it to decide which is better paneer or aloo.

From starters we moved on to the main course, though we both were almost full with the starters, the main course with its tempting biryanis and various preparations of chicken and mutton were too good to resist. So we ordered dum ka murg, Andhra chicken curry and the biryanis murg dum biryani and ghosht boneless biryani. The biryanis were served with raita and mirchi ka salan – which is nothing but a vegetable of chillies made in a typical Hyderabadi style. A must-try if you love chillies. Both the biryanis were cooked to perfection with each rice grain cooked separated and carried a distinctive aromas of their own.

IMG_20150908_092947Now it was dessert time and we ordered Khurbani ka meetha with ice -cream, Shahi Tudka, and Ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts. Out of the three desserts I quite loved khurbani ka Meetha with the ice cream, it had a hot and cold taste and the texture was really smooth. IMG-20150906-WA0007As for Shahi Tudka — it was a sweet bread with some garnishing. Well being a chocolate lover I had to order their chocolate dessert which was just about okay!

According to the manager, the owner Dharmender Singh was pretty clear about the kind of space he wanted to create. Mr Singh wanted a restaurant where people could walk in to taste the best authentic biryani and bring families together as the food prepared here is loved by all. So come with your friends or family and try some of the best authentic Hyderabadi cuisine here at Biryani Art.

Basic information:

Address: A – 202-203, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Phone: (+91) 7042299092, (+91) 7042299095

Address: G-6, Baani Square, Sector -50, South City 2, Gurgaon

Phone: (+91) 7042299093, 0124 4206979/80

Route: If you are coming from Dwarka then take the IFFCO Metro station route and reach straight towards HUDA City centre Metro station.

From the metro station take a left turn at the red light and then drive on till the next traffic light. Once you reach the next light – on your left is Super Mart 1.