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Blue Berry cheese cakeIt was  one rainy evening that we (Prince A and I) had a chance to visit a newly opened Ice oops Niice Cream Store and review it during a food bloggers meet. Well yes, it is a Niice Cream and not just an ice cream. Why? Because they use liquid Nitrogen to make your ice creams right in front of you. No dunking into the freezer to find the flavour you want, or no ready-made flavours on the display shelf for you to choose and order. Whatever you want, will be made right in front of you and served chilled!

So your vanilla is not a plain Jane white anymore, as you can choose any colour you want for it hence you will have vanilla in shades of yellows, reds and greens. Don’t like the pink of strawberry flavour? No worries! Order it in your favourite colour for that unique experience that this NIICE CREAM store promises to offer. And with the tagline that says Niice Cream: We make it your way – they surely offer us some quirky and whacky flavours and colours that are not only visually appealing but are mouth watering delicious too!Mango

Bannofie Pie

My favourite Banoffee Pie

Though they have numerous flavours that they make in front of you and all of them are equally delicious, when we bloggers met and tasted almost all the flavours we found that all of us unanimously voted for two flavours and they were SALTY CARAMEL and BANOFFEE PIE. Apparently the two LEAST FAVOURITE flavours at the store! When all of us voted for these two flavours the brand owner Aakriti Gupta said, “Perhaps all you food bloggers will help me in making these flavours a bit popular, as people don’t even want to try these flavours. Some people are wary of the word salty with caramel and some people don’t like bananas in Banoffee Pie.”Salty Caramel

But let me tell you that though there is a slightly salty taste in Salty Caramel, it is a perfect balance of salt and sweet thus making it an ideal choice for those who love ice creams but don’t like too much of sweet. As for Banoffee Pie, there is a slight flavour of banana but there are other flavours as well that gives it a unique taste to it.


The idea behind this store is also simple just like its concept and that is to “replace the old-fashioned ice cream with charming new technology, using liquid nitrogen as it’s secret weapon,” said Aakriti Gupta. She said that the ice creams are created from magic and the intent has been on developing a technique of making instant fresh ice creams with an all natural taste. So you just blink your eyes and your Niice Cream is ready for you to savour!

Some Interesting Flavours

Some of the interesting flavours that we had a chance to taste there include blueberry cheesecake, naughty nutella, Juicy Lucy Mango, Paanstar, very berry Strawberry, Oreo, Raspberry Oreo Crunch, After Eight, and Peachy Berry among many others. Not to forget my personal favourite Salty Caramel and Banoffee Pie!

Mango Peach RAJS0687 Rasberry oreo


As we tasted the Niice Creams we got talking with Aakriti and asked her about the concept behind this product. And she said that the concept is quite simple yet unique. The cream base is mixed with the flavour of any choice along with the extra toppings of a customer’s choice with liquid Nitrogen to freeze the ice cream in no time thus giving customers a fresh, creamy and natural ice cream that is made in front of them.

What to expect

Expectations can have wings here and fly like crazy! So let your imagination run wild and your taste buds have a time of their life! As a complete customisation of flavours, colours, toppings – is what you can expect at Niice Cream. The best part is that kids love it too. An ice cream served with a syringe full of chocolate sauce is what gets kids excited and Prince A was no different. He wanted to spurt every flavour with the chocolate sauce filled syringe as it accompanied almost every flavour.

The Vision

Reasonable rates and delicious flavours await you at Niice Cream store. As Aakriti discussed the vision behind the store she said “we are living in a moment of instant delights. Everyone wants customisation, their personal favourite flavours, toppings or colours, and that is exactly what our brand tries to give them. The objective has been to produce and market the finest quality and fresh foos that delight our consumers by fulfilling their needs.”

So what are you waiting for head to the Niice Cream Store right now and grab your personal favourite! Happy Slurping!