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When I got the invite for a Californian Pistachio Treat by India’s premium lifestyle food superstore in association with American Pistachio Growers (APG) my initial reaction was – Pistachio – seriously? That salted nut that we all know as ‘Pista’ can be used in different recipes and make them yummy too! I was like I have to attend this and see for myself what and how Foodhall’s Corporate Chef Olivier Vincenot churns out some delicious recipes out of this unassuming nut.

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And I am glad that I attended the workshop at Foodhall at DLF Place. Not only did I learn to make some delicious dishes (recipes to follow in the next post) using pistachio but I also learnt that pistachio is a wonder nut that hides lots of health benefits in it. (Well more on health benefits in a later post). In fact according to Chef Olivier pistachios are not really nuts and then he proceeded with his demo class where he dished out dishes like pistachio cannoli, ricotta cheese and pistachio using waffle cone mix. Appetising aroma seeped into the air, as chef dished out this mouth watering sweet delight. Equally good was pistachio hummus and each one of us kept coming back to it for more. Another surprise dish was Pistachio Blanc Manger that was both visually appealing and quite appetising.

All in all it was a fun class with chef Olivier where we the food enthusiasts learned that pistachios are the nuts that need to be incorporated in our daily diet if we wish to stay healthy and eat healthy.

About American Pistachio Growers

American Pistachio Growers (APG) is a non-profit voluntary agricultural trade association representing more than 650 grower members in California, Arizona and New Mexico. APG is governed by a democratically-elected board of directors and is funded entirely by growers and independent processors with the shared goal of increasing global awareness of nutritious American-grown pistachios. APG pistachios are the “Official Snack” of USA Water Polo, professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, British pro cyclist Mark Cavendish and the Miss California Organization. For more information, visit http://www.AmericanPistachios.org

About Foodhall:

Foodhall, A premium lifestyle food superstore, Future Group’s ambitious venture, is a pure gastronomical delight. Latching on to the love for global cuisines, Foodhall is an answer to every foodie’s inner epicure. Launched in May 2011, Foodhall is a one-stop destination for a well-travelled urban consumer who understands the nuances of gourmet cooking. An eye-appealing exotic store captures the novel concepts from around the world on one platter. With an aesthetic mix of Indian flavours with the west, this specialty store is a den of discovery – of the finest global foods and ingredients. Foodhall appeals to every food connoisseur with its custom-made gift hampers, monthly thematic festivals, beautiful display of fruits and vegetables, a spice station, live demo kitchen and fresh sampling of ingredients in the best possible combinations. These make shopping at Foodhall an enriching experience. A perfect blend of culinary presentation and ingredients in Foodhall is at par with any international gourmet food store. It has an extensive global variety in every category – the offerings range from Tomatillo (Green Tomatoes of Mexico) to gluten-free breads such as pizza dough, bagels, to range of super-food options such as Greek Yoghurts, fat-free organic milk, Tofu, gourmet chocolates, oils and vinegars, smoked salmon, mock meats, specialty cold cuts, teas, fresh truffles and various food delights including a variety of Indian foods. Currently Foodhall is present in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune and Gurgaon.

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