Think of a beautiful garden, think about the lush greenery of Lodhi Gardens and then think about some delicious food with your friends and family – what you get is the ambience_R010409 of Lodi – The Garden Restaurant adjacent to the lush beautiful Lodhi Gardens.

Situated in the heartland of New Delhi, Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, is the place you would love to dine at if you love greenery as much as I do. Away from the hustle-bustle of the chaotic Delhi life Lodi –The Garden Restaurant – ensures that you are encased in a little heaven created by the Sewara Group.

When I first got the invite for Lodi –The Garden Restaurant – I envisaged a small area with lots of plants, cane and bamboo feature. What I didn’t expect was a vast space of lush greenery, pebbled pathways, bamboo railings, stone and wood statues, watering cans serving as a fountains and buggies turned into romantic or royal dining space – whatever you prefer. The romantic in me preferred it as romantic though there was a feeling of being King, Queen and Prince!_JOB5661 ad DSC_0428 DSC_0434

Hubby knew the place quite well and to some extent even I did. I remember seeing the watering cans placed on the exterior bamboo walls of the restaurant and wondered what are these cans doing here – not realising that these cans complete the Garden Theme of the restaurant.


the beautifully carved wooden sofa!


Note the intricately made wooden sofa


the bar


Culinary Delites with hubby and son


Chargrills platter

Anyway we reached the destination and were seated on a regular table with a sun umbrella protecting us from the sun. However my eyes were roving all over the place taking in the ambience and other seating arrangements and I found the side cottages and buggies much more interesting. The helping staff told me that there is one buggy in the corner if you would like to sit there and I immediately took him up on his offer. Believe me it was real fun sitting in that buggy with loads of cushions for back support and shimmery curtains covering the buggy from all the three sides, leaving the fourth side for easy entry and exit. The third side was where our inbuilt table was and we were served our food and drinks there. We really felt like a royalty out on a treat. The best part was that the Prince A loved it.10930088_10205347997893059_109366170498515642_n 11112762_10205348009053338_1117583705316370252_n 11134061_10205348023213692_2969459898802525062_n

Another thing that the Prince loved was the ‘Kids Menu’ – oh yes! Kids have an entire menu catering to them and the delicacies included everything that kids these days love – pastas to finger fries. The restaurant does take care of its younger guests with as much enthusiasm as they serve the older guests. Since the theme is garden and there are loads of wide open spaces – kids being kids love to run all over the place – there are staff members who man the gate and don’t allow children to go near the main gate. Thus letting the parents enjoy some good moments together while relishing the farm fresh food.

Yes, I did say farm fresh! Lodi – The Garden restaurant’s garden theme is not just restricted to its ambience and the lush greenery but is also visible on the ingredients and products that the restaurant’s kitchen uses. The garden restaurant empathises on fresh home grown products and seasonal ingredients, and the restaurant’s menu is an eclectic mix of European cuisine with Asian and Middle Eastern influences.

When we had gone for the review the restaurant was promoting its Spring Menu (yeah, I know, I am too late for this review, and hence my apologies to my readers, and the restaurant managers). Anyway as we sat down and order we asked the chef to recommend his favourite dishes and this is what we tried on his suggestion. Believe me hubby and I really loved what we ate that day. To start with we had shrimp and avocado salad (from the spring menu) that had fresh cilantro, jalapeno, tomato, lime was dressed up in extra Virgin Olive Oil and the classic Greek Salad from the regular menu. The crispness of vegetables indicated not only their freshness but also added to the scrumptiousness of the salad.

Talking about the menu and the food, the chef said, “The primary focus for our in-house chef has been on innovative dishes made from the freshest ingredients on a regular basis. The use of seasonal fruits and vegetables being the fundamental rule in Lodi’s kitchen, the restaurant revamps its menu every season, thus, providing a fresh menu every quarter, which not many places in Delhi can pride themselves on.”

Next on the menu we ordered Mezze platter both veg and non- vegetarian variety. Along with Char grills – which was Pork ribs glazed with in house barbeque sauce, fresh cottage cheese marinated in pickling spices, yellow chilli and roasted tomato. For the kiddo we had ordered his favourite from the Kids’ menu – fish fingers (crispy fried fish served with potato wedges), pasta (penne pasta with an option of veges/ minced lamb or chicken tossed in your choice of tomato or creamy cheese sauce, along with juicy chicken sausages and crispy potato wedges. The kiddo was happy with his food choices and ate to his heart’s content (for the first time at any review).

Anyway post the sumptuous salads and delicious char grills we decided to forego the main course come directly to the desserts (after all it is our stomach and how much can we eat). Desserts with their variety brought a perfect end to our meal. And we were fully satiated at the Garden Restaurant.

So if you are looking for some well spent time along with some good food then you may try Lodi – The Garden Restaurant.

P.S. Presently the restaurant is celebrating the magic of Melon throughout this month! So don’t forget to give them a try! Basic Information

Venue: Lodi-The Garden Restaurant

Address: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road, Opposite Mausam Bhawan, New Delhi – 110003.

Time: 11am to 12am

Meal for two: INR 2200

Date: May 31, 2015