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When I was deciding on the topics for each letter Q and X were the ones that gave me lots of trouble. While for Q I wrote a post on Quotations of Food, I was in dilemma about the letter X. Letter X – the 24th letter of English alphabet – there must be something starting from Mr/ Ms X that would relate to food. And voila here I am with my discovery! Well the seasoned food writers may know about it – but a novice like me is celebrating My X for it stands for Xerophagy!

Yes Xerophagy! A term that literally means dry eating or eating food that has been cooked without using oil. According to Wikipedia Xerophagy (from Greek) is the practice of eating dry food, especially food cooked without oil. It is believed that in Eastern Christianity, Xerophagy is the form of fasting observed during Great Lent and certain other fasts, in which vegetables cooked with water and salt are eaten, together with such things as fruit, nuts, bread and honey.

Xerophagy may also be used as a disciplinary measure in some historic and modern military organisations. So X is definitely for Xerophagy!

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