V is for vegetarian cuisine and the delights of vegetarian cooking. As a food blogger and writer whenever I have visited restaurants for reviews, I have noticed that there is a limited choice for a vegetarian person. And if that person happens to be a vegan diet follower then the restrictions increase and the choice further narrows down to one or two dishes. Hence most of the vegetarians avoid going to the restaurants that offer both cuisines at the same time.

Reason? Who knows which curry is being served as a vegetarian dish? Considering the fact that vegetarians are purists and little bit finicky about their food, it is no surprise that they prefer going to ‘shudh shaakahaari bhojan’ as they put it. And then there are some who are all the more strict about their diet and don’t eat anything that grows underground along with onions and garlic. So there diet is without these two flavour enhancing food.

Then there are vegetarians who believe that anything that is from animals should not touch their lips and hence their diet is devoid of milk, cheese, butter and honey – all of these are derived from animals. Some of the vegetarians also avoid eating vegetables that post cooking taste and look like meat for instance jimikand, when cooked tastes somewhat like meat, same goes for mushrooms.

So does that mean that vegetarians can’t enjoy eating their meal without the additions of food they want to avoid! And here is the link for some interesting ideas for my vegan and vegetarian friends. Enjoy and happy wolfing oops eating.





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