S initially was for Salt and other Spices of India but then I thought of approaching season and realised that S should be of Summer Food to beat the heat. So finally S is for Summer food that helps you keep you hydrated and fighting fit during the hot scorching summer. S for Salt and Spices of India will follow post the A to Z blogging Challenge in which I am taking part.

Summer food are the Seasonal food that have a slightly higher water content so as to meet your daily requirement of water, even if you forgot to drink the traditional 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep you hydrated. So here’s the list of food that you should include in your diet not just in Summer but also in Winter.


It is believed that yoghurt is one of the best choices to beat the summer heat, as it contains 85 percent of water. And since it is infused with live micro-organisms known as pro-biotic, yoghurt is also beneficial for your health and helps you fight numerous summer allergies. Yoghurt is also a good source of protein, Vitamin B and Calcium.


Indians are slowly waking up to not only just the health benefits of this crunchy green vegetable but are also searching on the Internet for the recipes and how to make it. Most of us still call it as green cauliflower, but believe me the similarity ends there. Broccoli is one of the favoured vegetables for all types of crunchy salads and boasts of 89 percent of water content and is full of nutrition. Give it to your kids in any form – stuff it in a parantha, grate it in their vegetable rice. Broccoli also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting summer allergies.


We all have heard the adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well it is the truth. This super fruit has about 86 percent of water, fibre and is rich in iron, and vitamin C. So next time when you are hungry, thirsty or both grab an apple!


Crunchy, juicy and zero fat Lettuce makes for a perfect sandwich accompaniment, as it has 95 percent of water. One of the best sources of Omega-3, proteins, lettuce is your best bet if you want to stay fit and hydrated this summer.


Cooked rice has almost 70 percent of water and is rich in iron and carbohydrates and is light to eat. No wonder we crave for dal and rice in summer because it is quite light on stomach but quite filling too at the same time.

And with these foods I am sure you are ready to beat the heat this Summer season. If you know any more veggies and fruits then please do mention them in the feedback section.A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is Good