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N is for Noodles! Yes Noodles – sounds interesting or boring? Wondering what Culinary Delites is about to write on Noodles? Well to get your answers you will have to read the post. All I can promise you is that none of you will be disappointed. So N is for Noodles! Noodles as we all know is a staple diet of many Southeast Asian countries is made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded or rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes that are available in the market.

Although the most common variety of Noodles is long, thin strips, there are numerous varieties of noodles including waves, helices, tubes, strings, shells, folded over, and cut into other shapes. Cooked usually in boiling water sometimes with cooking oil or salt added, noodles are often pan-fried or deep fried and served with an accompanying sauce or a soup.

We all have eaten noodles at some point or the other and while I remember the times when mom used to make vegetarian noodles at home with Chin Chow Noodles Packet available in the Army Canteen. I also remember the first time my mom served us (brother and me) Maggi Noodles. Our reaction was yuck what is this? We are not eating this! And today whenever we are hungry but don’t feel like eating proper food we turn to instant noodles. Though we know that instant noodles are not good for our health, we eat them because they are easy to prepare.

Did You Know?

The word Noodle derives from the German word Nudel.

Instant Noodles are not just bad for your health they are dangerous. Read here Why?

Here are some more links for you to read on why Instant Noodles are not good for our health


Interestingly for western countries instant noodles stands for Ramen unlike us Indians where we have numerous varieties of instant noodles.


Scary isn’t it? To think of it we are ingesting poison! But eating noodles doesn’t have to be that scary if you are making your own noodles at home. What? How you are asking worry not here are the links to the recipes to prepare homemade noodles so just read on and prepare them and share with me as well!



So read, prepare and enjoy Wolfing!

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