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J is for Josper! Yes Josper – one of the revolutionary imports in the culinary world from Spain – is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. I am sure seasoned foodies, food writers, and critics have heard about this super amazing machine that makes your grilling and barbecuing all the more easy. For novices like me, I heard the term first time when I had gone to review one of the restaurants at Asiad Village.

Anyway coming back to the J post of Josper – Josper according to Nick Lander is a hybrid. According to Mr Lander Josper is first and foremost a grill but more often than not, a Josper is described as an oven. Lander says that a Josper’s main role is of grilling and if put in a layman’s language a Josper is the ‘hottest indoor barbecue available. In his article Lander mentions that the secret of a Josper is that whatever is cooked on it – whether steaks, chicken, fish, vegetables or anything enterprising chefs can turn their hands to – is that it has a front door which, when closed, ensures that none of the natural moisture or flavour escapes. Thus ensuring that the all the natural juices of fish, meat and chicken stays within and the ready meat that comes out is melting in the mouth kind of soft.

Interestingly Lander in his article The thrill of the Grill also talks about the history of Josper, when was it invented and how Josper got its name. Josper has made barbecuing and grilling much more easy without burning the meat or fish and also helps in retaining natural juices and flavour of the meat. So the steaks cooked in Josper would be the steaks you might not have had anywhere before.

In Delhi the Restaurant Sevilla at The Claridges where you can find authentic Josper grills. So enjoy your grills and happy wolfing!

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