B is for Baking and Baker Gauri Kekre – a fellow blogger, mother of two, and a dentist by academics and profession! Almost of all of us have tried our hands at cake baking and most of us find it much more easy than normal cooking. And it is easy! Why you may ask? Well firstly you don’t have to toil in the kitchen for a long time because it is all about mixing the right quantities of all the ingredients, transferring them to the baking pot and put in the oven or microwave for the set time period. And viola! Your dish is ready to eat and you get healthy food as well. Easy right? You can bake cakes, vegetables, chicken anything and everything.

Yes, it is easy when you are doing it just for yourself and family. It is easy when you are baking a simple chocolate cake for your wife or hubby or even children. But it is definitely not at all easy when you are doing it professionally and for a client that too from your humble home kitchen and yet churning out designer cakes that become the clients pride and their neighbours’ envy. And that’s what Baker Gauri Kekre does from her humble home kitchen. She started it with a cake baked for her elder daughter and since then this baker lady has not looked back. I will be posting her detailed interview here after the challenge but for now here’s a little information about her.

Baker Gauri Kekre is a certified dentist who was also practicing dentistry before she became mother and that’s when to kill the time she chanced upon a friends’ baking site got so much inspired that she also tried her hands on it with her humble little white oven and that’s why her company is called Li’l White Oven. Since then Gauri has baked numerous cakes and her most appreciated cake is the Barbie Cake which also fetched her award in the baking community.

Through this challenge and letter B I salute you lady and hope you reach many more milestones in baking industry.

Happy baking and wolfing everyone!