When a fellow blogger posted the pictures of this new restaurant in the city, I was impressed by the way the restaurant had been done. And I too wanted to visit this new restaurant in the town that is tucked away in Asiad Village.IMG_3824

As the name suggests The POP UP, the restaurant popped up 75 days back with some interesting menu on its platter, a quirky ambience and loads of fun factor and is soon going to close its door to Delhiites to POP UP somewhere else. So before it does that here’s your chance to go and grab your share of fun at the POP UP.

Like I said it is tucked away in the Asiad Village and you have to climb few steps to reach the restaurant but believe me it is altogether a different world inside. The interiors are tastefully done keeping in mind the spirit of the POP UP and so is the menu that is Spanish (if I may say so) both in taste, flavours and preparations. So just sit back and let the spirit of restaurant take over you.IMG_4585

POP you got the menu in your hand and this is the first thing you will read in the menu card

Welcome to The Pop Up! A first of its kind venture in Delhi, we’re here for 90 days in all! We have many delicious things on the menu for you to sample, and we recommend that you try some of our delicacies straight from the Josper grill (from our Prosper with the Josper section), that we have imported from Spain, just to tingle your taste buds a little! Since we’re here for a limited time, want to have fun, and we want YOU to have fun! Hence, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we DO take our food seriously! So sit, eat, drink, draw on our walls, stand up and sing a little song, do a little dance… we hope you enjoy! –            Team Pop Up

Yes, you can really do all the stuff that has been mentioned above at the restaurant because seriously everyone out there are having fun from waiting staff to the management to the guests who have come there to unwind after some hard day at work.IMG_4591

Talking to the chef Jatin Mallick about the concept behind The POP UP, he says, “The concept behind the ‘The Pop Up’ (as its been fondly named), while being meticulously thought out, is a very simple one – it’s innovative, it’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s fleeting – a much required quick fix for the foodies of the city. So it wouldn’t come as any surprise that it’s only going to be around for 90 days!”

Yes, that’s the main attraction of the place that it will be there for only 90 days and in these 90 days there will be a surprise element in the menu as well. So the chances are that what you ate two weeks back may not be there in the menu if you go again. Like the chef says, “The menu presents a compilation of signature dishes that’s been specifically created for ‘The Pop Up’. While we wish to keep secret our surprises, that will simply pop up from time to time, each dish has its very own signature creative edge while staying true to familiar flavours.”

And on that note we (hubby, son and I) asked chef to bring in whatever he felt was the hot favourite amongst the guests and what he thought was a must try in each of the sections. So we started with the Foreplay! Yes the Foreplay of dishes both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian section. So in the vegetarian section we ordered baked garlic and thyme brie, with a fig ketchup and crisped flatbread from the Prosper with Josper section and from the non-vegetarian section we had ordered Lemon grass marinated tuna with crispy papadums and mooli salad, drizzled with a tarty kaffir lime sauce.

Once we started having or starters, we were mesmerised by the subtle flavours and cooked to perfection dished that just melted in our mouths. Since we had to drive back we stick with mocktails and cold drink for the kiddo. And with the expert guidance from Chef Jatin we savoured one signature dish from each of the specially created sections starting from Foreplay, Swimmers, Flyers, Runners, The Hipsters and last but definitely not the least the Dolce, Dulci, Sweeeeeeeedish!!! Oh yes the desserts – that were all the more tempting and satisfied the chocolate lover in me.

Other than the signature dishes, The POP UP did something that no other stand-alone restaurant had done so far. It paid the much-deserved homage to the Delhi winter with its very own Josper – the world’s most celebrated Grill from Spain. A large canapé sit-out, enveloped in a cocoon of green and the appetising scent from a live grill… picking up on the beats of a well-tuned guitar or the vocal styling of a gifted diner – it made for the most romantic setting for couples to enjoy good food, music and of course the company.

‘The Pop Up’ is a venture curated by Chef Julia Desa, and Chef Jatin Mallick, of the capital’s beloved Tresand Restaurateur and food aficionado Vidur Parashar and is located in the heart of South Delhi. The ‘no-fuss décor’ 70-cover ground floor venue has an enviable list of flaunt worthy mentions – both indoor and outdoor seating options, a bar that serves you everything from a Beer to a B52 or a Bellini, a pop up cook-book store by Roli Books, a near exclusive parking lot and a community table.

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy before the restaurant shuts its door to Delhiites and let POP UP be your host before it shifts its base and play host to some other town or city.