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Hauz Khas Bulldogs Ambience - 1Village is renowned for its classy pubs and restaurants and one such place is BULLDOGS – a resto-pub lounge. When you enter the village just look up to your right and you will see BULLDOGS written bright bold letters. Narrow stairs will take you up there and that’s when the gates open to an ambience you may call paradise for you to have fun with your friends and family.

Spread over three floors, BULLDOGS with its specially created menu, funky to classic decor and some really good cocktails, is definitely a place for those who love their food, drinks, company of their friends and need no reason to party. For every meal that you will have at BULLDOGS will turn out to be a party. Choose your dining floor from SOFA LOUNGE, BED LOUNGE, and TERBulldogs Ambience - 3RACE LOUNGE depending on your mood and company. Designed with specific customers in mind, the basic decor theme remains the same, with unique character added to each of the lounge.

Crave a foot tapping music, beautiful window view and want to shake a leg as well then Sofa Lounge with its bright orange hued comfortable sofas and photographs of some renowned western singers adorning the walls, along with a place to shake your leg or two is your best bet. And if you yearn for some more cosy and comfortable ambience then you must head straight to the bed lounge – to enjoy your drinks, meal and of course the company of your friends.

Bulldogs Ambience - 4We decided to sit at the Sofa Lounge and visit the other two lounges after the meal. And thus we got our menu cards, which were yes you guessed it right in the shape of bulldogs face.

So as we got seated on our set of sofas the first we thing noticed was the interiors that were quite tastefully done and then as we got our menus I realised that the name of the place is a well-thought plan to establish itself. For someone who loves dogs as much as she loves her food the menu card in the shape of bulldog’s face was an ultimate delight. Anyway, after praising the concept of having the menu card in the shape of a bulldog’s face we went ahead and placed our orders. For starters we chose Fish sticks, Jalepano Poppers, and for the kiddo we ordered the restaurant’s specialty – Bulldog all meat Pizza – needless to say kiddo loved it.

The food was good; especially non-vegetarians would definitely love it, as there are choices galore. Yes, vegetarians have limited choices here and personally I felt that the one dish I ordered in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian category (just to taste which one tasted better) I found it lacking. I tried Quesidilla (vegetarian) in the main course and we both (hubby and I) didn’t like it much in fact their chicken version was much better. Post that we ordered our desserts.Food Shot - 1

Keeping the name and the theme in mind, BULLDOGS – the restaurant stands alone and stands out from its competitors located in HKV. Talking about the concept of the restaurant, Anil Bisht, Operations Manager at BULLDOGS, informed, “Bulldogs as the name tells us is never mistaken for the other breed, and they stand alone and stand out. This new place in the market will surely be the next big destination for nightlife and dining out standing tall and spread across 5000 sq. ft. in the ever favoured culinary hub of Hauz Khas Village.”

And it indeed does stand out with its signature dishes, tastefully done decor thus giving each floor its unique distinctive identity. Talking further about the themes and different decors for each floor, Anil revealed that the three levels each distinguished with their own characteristics like funny and creative write ups and different music on different floors provides the much needed stimulation and excitement for everyone and every spirit. “The divergent lounges like the bed lounge with lower seating offers an experience, which is an epitome of comfort whereas the seating in the sofa lounge is high toned with the orange lights that reflects on the black and the terrace overlooks the village, which is well lit in a white and blue contrast with the chesterfield furniture adding to the element like a bounty,” said Anil.

Anyway after discussing the interiors, we went back to savour our desserts and the range included – Choco lava cake, caramel custard, vanilla ice cream, Brownie and Apple Pie. Of course the chocoholic in me was delighted to have the choco lava cake and believe me it is indeed a good treat for all the chocolate lovers. It is not only a treat for your palate but also a treat for your eyes to see the delicious warm liquid chocolate oozing out from the cake like molten lava, which engulfs everything in its vicinity. The combo of hot chocolate and cold cake is just superb.

Altogether BULLDOGS offers an ideal ambience that is the perfect fusion of firewater, ultimate nosh ups and breathing space with a swanky yet relaxing experience ‘to unbend all your menace away.’