If I have to sum the description of Smoothie Factory in just one sentence then “Fast Food Cafe with a difference,” fits to the bill. Why fast food cafe with a difference you would ask! Well for many reasons but the main one being that it is a cafe that serves healthy and nutritious fast food. Confused are you? Are you wondering how can fast food be healthy and nutritious and if it is then how it can be fast food? Well yes you are right on your part but then why I said in the beginning the fast food cafe with a difference. Usually healthy and nutritious are not the terms you associate with fast food, as the image of fast food in our minds is crystal clear and that is something deep fried, with high salt content, lots of grease and cheese, and breads and herein lies the difference of this cafe.

Food industry just like any other industry is constantly striving to achieve something different, unique and in doing so sometimes also loves to defy rules and create dishes or entire meal that does not adhere to certain benchmarks that we have in our minds but are more tasty, and delicious as compared to the set benchmark. And it is the result of this constant endeavour to provide the customer best of the best experiences – the food industry keeps surprising its patrons thus creating toasties, salads, flat breads and waffles all oozing with health yet full on taste.

And with funky interiors that boast of citrus colours, the interiors and the ambience is quite peppy, hip and happening. Yet it is the place where both old and young can enjoy their meals in a harmonious manner.

Yes, there are certain misconceptions that even I had when I was first approached for the review and they were – what sort of food will be served, will there be only smoothies as the name suggested or will there be some finger foods, burgers or anything that may qualify as fast food will be there. But I was surprised when I saw varieties of finger foods cooked in a healthy manner being served at the cafe. Some of the foods included chicken and cheese, hummus, olives and feta cheese crunchy toasties along with the classic Caesar salad and cranberry spinach salads with a healthy twist. When I say healthy twist I mean imagine Caesar salad minus the mayonnaise and all the cheese. Did I add that you have to ask for those juicy chicken chunks too in your Caesar salad if you love its non-vegetarian variety because at Smoothie Factory everything is served vegetarian by default!

Farmhouse and southwest chicken flat breads were another lip smacking fast food that we ordered. Though the original size of each of them is 9” by 9”, we had ordered smaller size. However those who are used to spicy farmhouse will find it bland without oregano and chilli flakes, but if you forget the spicy farmhouse and enjoy this one this is high on natural taste of natural ingredients. Choose your drinks from the numerous options of pure juices, combination juices, regular, premium and specialty smoothies, classic shakes, and coffees. Each one is good in taste and high in nutritive value.

After a classy meal of healthy fast food, indulge your sweet tooth with a variety of waffles – we had ordered chocolate chip waffles since I am an ardent fan of chocolate and trust me it was amazing and immensely satisfied the chocolate lover in me.

So if you love fast food but are worried about your health then Smoothie Factory is your best bet.


Ground Floor, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Janpath

Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place