Interesting pasta recipe you all will love and cherish shared by another blogger friend.

The Travelling Pantry

This pasta is so simple, it’s not even really a recipe and I didn’t intend to blog it – but it tasted so good, I thought I’d whip out the camera and write the mix so not to forget it. The tomatoes will take a good hour or 2 to slow roast, but speed this up by turning up the heat – if you like.

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I use spelt every now and then and enjoy its nutty flavour with simple, punchy sauces. I would of course never use it in a carbonara or really any creamy sauce but rather pair it with chilli, herb oils and flavoursome, spicy sauces. Its nutty flavour means pesto’s will suit, even delicate seafood such as crab and lemon (as in previous post).

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Although it is not gluten free, it is well known for its ease in digestibility, leading to anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also remarkably…

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