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Are you planning a trip to London anytime soon? Are you living anyway near the city of London? Are you a foodie? Do you love to try out new restaurants? If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this post is for you. Read on!

A new gourmet Pastificio, ‘Mangio’, brings the art of stuffed pasta to the food connoisseurs of London in the heart of St Paul’s in December. Mangio, a unique mix of Italian Deli, Pastificio (fresh pasta shop) and gourmet, and fast-food dining, boasts the talented Chef Omar Casali as its main chef.

For those who don’t know who Casali is here’s a brief intro about him. He writes a weekly food column for Italian broadsheet supplement D Repubblica, (which in India is a newspaper). He will be taking up a six month residency at Mangio following a successful season at restaurant Mare Cesenatico, Italy where he is renowned for his innovation and versatility.foto 2

The new restaurant in the heart of London – Mangio will offer the food connoisseurs of London a unique slow food approach to takeaway fare that is sure to delight foodies with its authentic Italian experience thus bringing a taste of traditional handmade stuffed pasta to the city.

The expertly created menu will be including seven types of Italian ham from Fiocco di culatello – a tender, rich cured pork delicacy from Northern Italy cut from the hind leg), to the delicate taste of Tuscan Tarese. An array of Italian cheeses will also be available including the scrumptious Formaggio di Fossa from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, ripened in special underground pits.

Stuffed pasta comes in a range of flavours, and will be made using fresh seasonal ingredients from the recognisable Ricotta e spinaci (Ricotta and Spinach) to the unexpected – Carioli e caciotta (artichoke and cheese) or Formaggio di fossa e radiccio (smoked Italian cheese and chicory).

Customers will be able to sample an exciting variety of sauces including traditional Burro e salvia (butter and sage), tantalising Zuchine e fiori di zucca (courgette and courgette flower), and the hearty Salsiccia e zucca (fresh sausage and pumpkin). A cornucopia of pasta will awaken the foodie and will include Capellacci (Artisanal Puglia pasta shaped like a sunhat), Tortelli (half-moon shape filled pasta) and much loved Ravioli.

Customers will be able to sample the delights of Gourmet Pastificio with a set menu box starting at £7-8. This box will be filled with homemade fresh filled pasta, exciting gourmet sauces, seasonal salad or fruit with Italian traditional cheese, freshly baked bread and a soft drink. Stuffed pasta dishes start from £5.

For further inquiries and press queries please get in touch with Chloe Goddard at info@chloegoddardpr.co.uk / or call 07764945011MangioLogoFinal