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We’ve all experienced the wonder of bagels, whether it be plain as butter or completely complexioned – as far as bagel fillings go.

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There were my younger days, when I would peruse the vast, white impersonal shopping centres with friends…..clinging onto an onion bagel for comfort. We’d eat them just as they came, no jazz, no frills. There were the days, drunken in London’s Brick Lane – at ‘The Beigel Shop’ – mine would always be salt beef and mustard…..amazing.


I found this recipe at and apart from the 10 minutes of kneading, it was really very simple and definitely worth the little effort that went into making them. I’d advise to cook them on a pizza stone (if you have one), if not use a baking tray as I did and flip them so the bottom cooks properly.

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I topped mine with a mix of sesame seeds, fennel…

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