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With globalisation the world has become a small place thus resulting in all the cultures, and their cuisines easily available. However, there is a problem here and that is dining etiquettes.

No matter from where you are, there are certain etiquettes which every diner should follow – whether they are dining out in a restaurant, at a formal party at home, or a casual get together or at restaurant – these are some of the few things that every diner should keep in mind.

  1. Respect the particular culture

If you are dining out in a foreign country then it is imperative to find out their respective dining culture. Find out what are the dos and don’t of that country in terms of dining etiquettes. For example in India it is fine to eat with your fingers but if you are in any western country it may not be acceptable.

  1. Know your cutlery

When dining out especially on a sit in dinner you should be aware of your cutlery like what fork or spoon is used first along with the fact which food will come on what side. Remember solid food is placed on the left with the liquid food or anything with curry is placed on the right. You should also know that the largest plate is the dinner plate, medium sized plate is your salad plate, and the small one is your bread plate. When dining in a sit down dinner remember to use the cutlery from outside moving inside.

  1. Eating etiquettes

Talking with your mouth full is considered as bad etiquette. So refrain from it. Also eat in small bites, no matter how tiny the food particle cut into a further small piece and eat it. Remember to chew with your mouth closed as chewing with open mouth is considered as bad manners. In case you feel like sneezing or coughing cover your mouth and move your face away from the table. And if there is something that you want to spit out do it discreetly by using a tissue paper and put it away from the eyes of the other diners.

  1. Drinking etiquettes

Never blow on your hot beverages. If your tea or coffee is hot keep them on the table for them to cool down sufficiently for your comfortable drinking. Don’t make slurping sounds while drinking as they are pretty repulsive. Also while consuming your soup remember to half fill your soupspoon and moving it away from your body, sip it from the side of the spoon.

5 Mind your table manners

Brushing up on your table manners is quite imperative whether for a formal sit down dinner or a casual dinner with your family. Never place your elbows on the table. In case you have to leave the table, excuse yourself, place your napkin on the left of your plate with the soiled part facing down and then get up. It is considered good manners if the men sitting next to the lady get up when she wants to leave the table and also when she comes back. Also don’t try to reach over the table to take a food item if you want something ask the person closer to the item to pass it you. Use the words Please while making your request and thank you when the person has complied with your request.

  1. Napkin etiquettes

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Usually people are found struggling with their napkins not knowing how to use them. As soon as you sit down take the napkin and open it and spread it onto your lap. The napkin should be opened either in the shape of a large triangle or a rectangle. Don’t wipe your face with the napkin while eating your napkin is not the tissue. If you need to wipe your mouth ask for a tissue.

  1. Show courtesy to waiters and stewards

When dining out show courtesy to the waiters and stewards. It shows your upbringing. Remember as a child your mom used to tell you if you want to decipher somebody’s true nature then see how they behave with children, animals, elderly and the people lower to him in class like his driver, or restaurant staff. Yes, you got the idea. Polite and sophistication is the key here. Remember to say please when you want something to be brought in to your table and thank you once it has been brought or while the waiter is serving you. Also in case you need anything just raise your hand and or if the waiter is nearby just say excuse me.

  1. No personal issues while being served

Whatever you do, don’t discuss your personal issues or problems or even business while the waiter is serving you. You will have ample time to discuss when he has served the food for you to enjoy your dining experience.

These are very basic etiquettes which seem to be missing from the hurried and mechanical life. Master these techniques to clinch that deal or to impress your future spouse.