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IMG-20140920-WA0000If you love gorging on pizzas, savour the deliciously cooked pastas in red or white sauce; nibbling on to your pin wheels while on the go then you must give this new pizza restaurant Sbarro a try. Conveniently located at Huda City Centre Metro Station, Sbarro offers fresh handmade New York Pizzas in Italian style and pride. I love Italian food whether its pasta, pizza (commonly available) or lasagne for that matter. Though currently Sbarro is not offering lasagne, as they are focussing on pizzas and pastas, they will be doing it in the near future.IMG-20140925-WA0005

Anyway as we (hubs, Prince A and I) entered the restaurant the cheerful staff behind the counter greeted us and welcomed us to the restaurant. The counter had all the pizzas, pastas, pin wheels, ingredients for salads and platters neatly stashed for the customers to choose and order from. We were informed that the restaurant is offering ‘My Life My Slice’; where one can order a pizza by slice and get your favourite toppings and sauces while your companions get to eat a slice of their own choice. So after looking at the displayed pizzas and ordering our share of pizza slices we went to take our seats. The interiors has been tastefully done to accommodate both college going crowd to the families who come here to spend some quality time with each as they savour onto their favourite pizzas and pastas. And you will find pictures of First Sbarro outlet, with loads of others adorning the interiors, the music though of seventies (including Beatles, Phil Collins) blends with the ambience and lets you enjoy your meal with your friends and family.IMG-20140920-WA0001

We had ordered New York Style White (which the chef told us was the latest addition to the menu) well Prince A saw it and wanted to order it, New York Style Cheese Pizza slice with 100 percent dairy mozzarella cheese and classic Sbarro tomato sauce. We were informed that the cheese used is free of preservatives and is made from the best quality of milk so that we get the melting in mouth cheese. As for the classic Sbarro tomato sauce is essentially a Ragu sauce with the tomato base that comes from the US. “We try to maintain the international standard of hygiene and cleanliness and of course our core strength is fresh food from ingredients to the finished product, said Rohit Verma, General Manager, Operations at Sbarro outlet. From the non-vegetarians pizzas we ordered New York Supreme that had Italian sausages, ham, mushrooms and mixed peppers. The pizza with its melt in your mouth sausages, and ham is a must try for all non-vegetarians.IMG-20140925-WA0003

Stuffed pizza was another item that is quite unique to Sbarro and the chef Rahul Gladwin Massey informed us that it is the most wanted item on the menu list back in the US and has become a favourite here as well along with pin wheels that are easy to carry and eat while one is on the go. So we ordered one slice of stuffed Vegetable extravaganza that had broccoli, spinach, and mushroom with missed peppers. It is like a pizza sandwich that one can have while travelling in the metro. “Though we are offering just a slice of pizza, it is the size of medium pan pizza being offered by the branded pizza outlets these days,” revealed the chef Massey. Well he was right the slice is huge enough for a couple to share and if you have ordered two slices then you get a variety at the same price. We were half way through our stuffed pizza when the chef brought another item unique to Sbarro and that was Stromboli (kind of tongue twister isn’t it) but it is freshly baked stuffed bread with loads of parmesan cheese that melts in your mouth. Word of caution though if you don’t like too much cheese on your pizza or your bread then you may as well give this a miss because it is super-loaded with cheese with juicy pieces of chicken or paneer depending on your choice.Paneer Tikka

From the entire menu of Pizzas, pastas and pin wheels my personal favourite was pin wheels both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian varieties. Easy to hold, right amount of cheese and meat pieces that were succulent enough to melt in your mouth. As for the vegetarian variety spinach and mushroom made for a heady combination with all the spices that add a distinctive taste to the entire flavour.IMG-20140925-WA0005

“Since the restaurant takes pride in the fact that everything is fresh, hence everything is prepared daily including the sauces that are prepared as accompaniments to pizzas and pastas so that the freshness of the ingredients is maintained and the customer gets a taste of fresh food,” informed Mr Verma.

So next time you have a pizza craving and are travelling to Gurgaon either in a metro or in your vehicle do drop in at Sbarro to have a lifetime experience.

Basic Information: Sbarro outlet, Huda City Centre Metro Station, Gurgaon

Price: Starts from Rs 49 per slice.