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Pic Courtesy hotel Majestic Prague Breakfast Buffet dining

Etiquettes for buffet dining you ask? Yes etiquettes for buffet dining. This seemingly easy to handle, all you can eat dining experience makes even the most sophisticated diners shed the garb of sophistication as they delve into the cuisines and fill their plates to the point where the food starts overflowing.

Dining etiquettes for buffet may sound a little strange. But the fact remains that even buffet dining expects certain etiquettes from the diners which are pretty basic as well as essential for a fine dining experience.

To make buffet dining a pleasant affair for everyone; here are some of the points to keep in mind.

  1. Follow the queue

No matter how hungry you are please maintain and follow the queue. Jumping the queue is not only inappropriate but also does not show you in good light. Also before you take up your place in the queue remember to gauge it first and see if there is a couple or a group standing and then take your place. It is considered rude to stand in between a couple or a group.

  1. Take a plate not a platter

Agreed that it is a buffet and you can eat as much as you want. However, it is better to go for second helping rather than to pile your plate to a mountain. Also be careful about not taking a large portion of popular food at the buffet like seafood. Take appropriate portion so that there is enough for everyone else. Ensure to take the breads, vegetables first to ensure there is only little space for you to take the special dish on the menu.

  1. Serving

Although there will be a serving staff that will be clearing your plates in between the meals. It is considered appropriate if you can take your own dirty plate and put it where the dirty plates are being collected.

  1. Cleanliness counts

Another thing to remember here is cleanliness. So while scooping out the portions, be careful about accidental spills. Ensure to use small bowls for curry-based dishes so that the dishes are not mixed with each other creating a mess on your plate.

  1. Different plates

Keeping in mind the cleanliness quotient it is often a best practice to use different plates for salads, main dishes and every time you go for a refill, since a dirty plate does not cut a good picture with other diners or with the waiting staff.

  1. Don’t overeat

Ok! You are hungry and the food is too good to resist. Still at the end of the day it is your stomach and it can digest so much only. So even if you are tempted by the eat all you can offer think about yourself and your stomach and don’t overeat.

  1. Don’t eat in the queue

Eating while waiting for your turn for main dishes is a strict no-no. No matter how hungry you are please avoid eating in the queue as it is considered rude. If you are really hungry then take some salad, go to your place, and eat it so that the initial hunger subsides. Once that is done then you can go for the main course.

  1. No to-go food containers please

No matter how delicious the buffet cuisine has been please refrain from asking to-go food containers. Asking for to-go food containers are considered rude in buffets and will not show you in good light.

  1. Basic courtesy

Just because you are having a meal at buffet does not mean that you can do away don’t forget your basic courtesy of saying thank you and please. Also if you thank the waiting, serving staff at the buffet you might just get some quick service like a refill of your drinks or quick clearance of your dirty plates. In addition to that the staffs warm up to you because you have been considerate.

10.Staring is a sin

Alright the person in front of you is obese or thin like a wafer and is eating like as if he is hungry since ages and your eyes are drawn to that person. No matter what you do please avoid staring at the person because staring is a sin. So stop staring.

11.Tipping tips

Although buffet means self serving and you might feel that there is no need to tip the staff, think again. Your meal would not have been smooth if there would have been no waiting staff to clear your plates, glasses or anything that you might have left on the table. However, each city or country has different rules for tipping, so be aware about the tipping rules in your country and then act accordingly.

With these tips on buffet etiquette you can be sure about enjoying a great meal with your family, friends, or even business colleagues.